The Rental Girl Now Serving Lemonade!

The Rental Girl Now Serving Lemonade!

Everyone’s talking about Lemonade! And this time it’s not just Beyonce!

That’s right. The Rental Girl has joined the ranks, and is officially on the Lemonade Stand-wagon.

This is exciting news! The Rental Girl has partnered with an innovative insurance company, Lemonade. Their renter’s insurance starts at $5/month, and will automatically switch you over if you have other insurance. Click here to get a policy quote in 90 seconds. [Lemonade.]

The buzz is quickly spreading about Lemonade and its simple approach to insurance: sign up with a few clicks, a few bucks a month, and you are covered.

In honor of their one year anniversary, they have launched a revolutionary new policy upgrade that questions some of the fundamental concepts of traditional insurance. It’s called Zero Everything. For the first time ever, there are no deductibles or price increases when filing claims! If you have ever had to file an insurance claim, you know it’s easier said than done! It should be a reassuring process – one where you feel covered and taken care of. Have you ever had something valuable stolen that does not meet your deductible requirements? If so, then you know the headache with traditional renter’s insurance: pray that your Advil stash wasn’t taken – and if it was, you better hope you meet your deductible.

Furthermore, if you actually do meet the deductible, you’re susceptible to rate hikes, leaving the insured unsure; about whether they should make the claim or even why you have insurance to begin with. Well, with Lemonade you can leave your uncertainty at the door. Sign up for Lemonade, and know that your door isn’t the only thing keeping your valuables secure. Lemonade’s got you covered. I could reference a roof, but I’ve taken the puns too far.

Head to Lemonade and start now! You can switch from any insurance plan! And with one click upon signing up, you can add the Zero Everything upgrade and never have to stress about deductibles or rate hikes again! That’s right. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy some Lemonade, served to you kindly by The Rental Girl.

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