Income Property: Not Just a Show on HGTV

Income Property: Not Just a Show on HGTV

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty tired of watching our hard-earned cash go into someone else’s pocket when we pay our rent every month. Home ownership is appealing for that reason and so many others. But why not level up and take home ownership one step further? Our very own broker here at TRG Realty/The Rental Girl, Liz McDonald, says, “A small income property like a 2-unit to 4-unit building can be just as easy to qualify for as purchasing your first home. And, with an income property, you get the added benefit of additional income each month.” Becoming a landlord is a responsibility, no doubt, but the benefits of making your property generate income for you make it a very tantalizing option indeed. talked to Liz about her recommendations when it comes to buying your first income property. Check out her wisdom here.

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