The Rental Girl Goes to Camp!

The Rental Girl Goes to Camp!

What do Wolf-Hearts, Grandfathers, and Ex-Lovers have in common? Well, you’ll have to come to Campfireball this Sunday, the 24th to find out!

You might ask yourself what Campfireball is, and you also might ask yourself why you’re talking to yourself. However, that kind of self-reflection will fit right in at Campfireball. Created and performed by Cory Howard, he’s decided to host his pre-tour show right here in The Rental Girl’s back yard, 4760 York Blvd., Highland Park! So catch it before it’s gone!

A Highland Park local, Cory is happy to bring this to his homebase! And this guy sure knows how to please his neighbors: the event is FREE! A night of music, stories, and general shenanigans, CFB is sure to put a smile on even the toughest critic’s face – and The Rental Girl is sponsoring a “Wine & Cheese Hour” from 7pm-8pm which is sure to seal the deal.

Come by and come prepared to laugh and groove. The show starts at 8pm, and he’ll be packing what is described as “part variety show, part living organism” into 90 minutes and leaving the audience in an immersive, existential, backyard extravaganza!

Be there, and be square!

The Rental Girl

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