A Few of Our Favorite Things: Hollywood

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Hollywood

Hollywood. Tourist-y, bustling, film-centric. But hold on. Move in; take a close-up shot and you’ll find there’s much more to this iconic LA neighborhood than meets the eye. There’s sophisticated night life, hip storefronts that sell more than just Hobbit t-shirts and  and unexpected and vegan (yes vegan) cuisine. We asked The Rental Girl’s leasing agent Paula – a local expert who regularly digs up blockbuster apartments for rent in Hollywood  – to spotlight a few of her favorite things about L.A.’s most glamorous and amorous ‘hood:

  1. The Arclight Movie Theatre. When I want to see the newest film that just came out I head to the Arclight. The fabulous dome allows you to dream of old Hollywood as you bask in the stadium seating.
  2. The Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothie at the Body Factory by the Arclight. This is my favorite jolt of protein in town when I have gone too long without eating and need a boost. It is delicious! They even have one with coffee beans in it if you need a pick me up.
  3. Runyon Canyon. One of the most exciting things that I came across when I first moved to Hollywood was the view at the top of Runyon Canyon. Take a hike (furry friend optional, thought it may not seem that way — everyone has a dog with them, it’s nuts!), grab a free yoga class at the bottom of the trail, and hunt for the stars that are getting in a workout right next to you. (Hint: you won’t need to look too hard at all!)
  4. Hollywood Farmers Market. To brighten my Sunday mornings I head to the farmers market to grab a bundle of freshly cut flowers, some fruits and veggies for the week, and a cup of coffee as I take in the sights and smells from the various vendors.   DO NOT forget to stop at the Hummus guy’s booth for free samples! You’re welcome.
  5. Space 15 Twenty. Retail therapy in an aesthetically pleasing, curated setting where you can shop for clothes, art and design books, grab a burger at Umami, or just hang out in the landscape architect’s dream of a courtyard. Very hip and appealing to any artist (or wannabe artist) in the heart of Hollywood.
  6. The vibe of Franklin Village. Anytime that you want to feel part of a community, stop by Franklin Village. There is a lovely feeling of home town main street with its cafes with outdoor seating, juice bar, bookshop, and the fabulous Bourgeois Pig with its… um, unique? design choices (must see for yourself to appreciate). Deal alert: the sushi at Sushi Stop is the cheapest in town!
  7. The vegan reuben sandwich at Locali. Located right off of Bronson, this little mart will make any health conscious critter smile. It’s like a 7-11 for vegetarian hipsters. They are also known for their “Badass” breakfast sandwich, but you can find any treat from Kombucha to gluten free brownies.

When moving from out of town,  finding a place to live in L.A. can be overwhelming. “A Few of Our Favorite Things” is a series of blogs brought to you by the leasing agents at The Rental Girl. They are neighborhood specialists who can give you the skinny on the best places to live and play in L.A. 

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