Join A TIC Community!

Join A TIC Community!

At The Rental Girl we believe all renters should have the possibility of owning property. This possibility is often never realized because the shortage of available real estate has driven up prices making renting the only option.

TIC ownership provides a solution to this problem. TIC ownership allows renters to purchase a rental unit at a low enough price that keeps the monthly mortgage payment comparable to what the rent amount would be. Mortgages can be acquired with as little as 10% down, and often times the landlord is willing to contribute or finance part of the down-payment. While living in a TIC unit, the TIC owner is now making a monthly mortgage payment, building equity with each payment, and contributing to his or her future financial security.  Down the road when the TIC owner is ready to move on, they can either return the unit back to the rental market and become a landlord, or they can sell the unit to the next future TIC owner – continuing the cycle and allowing another renter the opportunity to become a homeowner.

The beauty of TIC ownership is that it spreads equity more evenly among our community.

Instead of one person owning multiple units and monopolizing the equity, equity will be spread among multiple people – affording those who are often excluded from this opportunity the benefits of homeownership.

The Rental Girl has created a network of landlords wanting to sell their rental units and renters wanting to buy them. For more information, or to join our TIC network and find out about our new TIC offerings, please contact us!

The Rental Girl TIC – Network

TIC stands for “Tenants in Common.” It refers to an arrangement where two or more people co-own real estate without the “right of survivorship”, which means each person can sell, will or pass on their portion of ownership to another individual. Tenants in Common is often used among friends and family members. For example, two or more friends or family members will get together and pool their finances to buy a duplex or multi-unit property together. Each friend or family member owns an agreed-upon percentage and portion of the property.

Today, TIC ownership refers to a special arrangement that allows unrelated individuals to own a home in a way that shares many of the characteristics of a condominium. It’s often the easiest way for renters, or first-time buyers, to purchase property. It is immensely popular in San Francisco and has been flourishing there since the 70’s.

The Rental Girl is excited to bring TIC ownership to the Los Angeles market.


Co-owners living in a TIC building are governed by a contract, the TIC Agreement. This agreement covers who owns each portion of the building, and it is different than condo agreements. With a condo, there is an is an individual property deed and condominium by-laws. The TIC Agreement is a substitute for these and its importance is critical.

The TIC Agreement protects the owners of the property, specifies in advance how unforeseen events will be handled, and ensures that the property is maintained and bills are paid so that the property remains an enjoyable place to live. Good TIC Agreements help owners solve problems and hopefully even head off problems before they arise.


Sterling Bank and Trust, TIC Fractional Lender in Los Angeles:

Henry T. Jeanes
Mortgage Consultant / TIC Financing Specialist
Sterling Bank & Trust
3800 24th Street San Francisco, CA  94114
Office Tel: 415.970.9889  x12209
Mobile: 415.990.5620
Efax: 248.351.7232 / Office Fax: 415.970.9880          
NMLS #657755

Nicole Schaefer
Senior Mortgage Consultant / TIC Financing
Sterling Bank & Trust
3800 24th Street
San Francisco, CA
Mobile: 916.812.4800
E-fax: 248.485.5104
NMLS #868970

Andy Sirkin’s Office, TIC Attorney:

Andy Sirkin
Rosemarie MacGuinness
phone:   415.839-6406 
388 Market Street, Suite 1300, 
San Francisco, CA 94111



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    (Andy is the TIC attorney who pioneered TIC sales in the early 80’s in San Fran. His website has a wealth of info on TIC ownership).
  • Interesting in purchasing a TIC? Contact an experienced TIC Realtor®

Elizabeth McDonald, Broker & TIC Specialist
TRG Realty Company, Inc.
The Rental Girl
323-313-5780 / Cell
BRE Lic #: 01449897 


The Rental Girl ( is a full service Real Estate brokerage specializing in residential leasing and sales. We have been serving renters and landlords since 2004. We work with thousands of Los Angeles renters each year, and many of these renters are qualified to buy, but can’t afford or find a home in a neighborhood they want to live. In 2016, a client of ours introduced us to TIC ownership and we saw immediately how many renters and entry level buyers in LA could benefit from a TIC market here. We met with Sterling Bank, who was working actively to pioneer a TIC market in LA, and other San Francisco vendors. And so began our research on TICs. Since then, we have helped bring many TIC units to the market, and we have many new TIC communities coming soon. With every new TIC building that hits the market, more renters, landlords and realtors are discovering TIC sales and the TIC movement is growing rapidly. We love to share our accumulated knowledge, and support our real estate colleagues, landlords and renters and the TIC community. 

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