New Virtual 3D Tours Offered at The Rental Girl!

New Virtual 3D Tours Offered at The Rental Girl!

This week, The Rental Girl is rolling out 3D scans (think virtual 3D walk-throughs) of their properties. They will be the first leasing agency in Los Angeles to offer this new technology on all available units.

What are 3D tours? If you’re thinking of the decade old real estate virtual tours – think again. This newest and greatest marketing tool in the real estate industry utilizes Google technology to provide google street view-like tours of interiors.

By simply logging on to, with the click of a mouse you can virtually walk through their listings with the fluidity of a first person video game. Without even leaving your home you can visualize the property as if you were there in person. On top of all this, the tour also allows you to see the space from a “birds eye” view and a “dollhouse” view so you can really grasp the layout and how the house flows.

We think it’s genius and it’s going to revolutionize the way you search for a rental.

But don’t take our word for it, check out this promo tour The Rental Girl’s took of their office space:

And here is a sample of a 3D tour of a home for rent on The Rental Girl:


Wanna see more? Head over to You can find the 3D tours under the Photos/Video Tour tab on each of their listings.

Want to get a 3D Tour of your property, retail or event space? Contact Joe Shoots 3D for 3D tours in Los Angeles.


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