Our Personal Tour of Brand Spankin’ New, Hip Living in Glendale

Our Personal Tour of Brand Spankin’ New, Hip Living in Glendale

When new luxury apartment complexes invite us to take a private tour, we are not in the habit of saying no! Last time we checked out the AMLI in Glendale and reported back, this time we bring you another fabulous Glendale apartment community, Elevé (coincidence that they are both in beautiful downtown Glendale? We think not!).

If you could walk right over in two seconds to the Americana at Brand, bars, eateries and all that Galleria shopping, besides being newly broke, wouldn’t you also be a little thrilled? For your next apartment, maybe you want something pretty hip, something that won’t break the bank, but something with all the bells and whistles. Something that decidedly isn’t the Americana’s more regal apartment homes, but is cute, with a funkier edge. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to walk Fido atop a pristine green lawn with paw prints painted onto it. I mean, who hasn’t had that fantasy? OK, OK, maybe not that specific one, but imagine for just a moment the lifestyle of strolling to awesome shopping, restaurants and cafes in mere seconds, and then relaxing all weekend with your pup on a huge skydeck complete with jacuzzi, outdoor theatre, and dog park. Then at night, gathering around a firepit with views of the city, and finally when it’s all over, retreating back to your pristine pied-à-terre and retiring comfortably for the evening. Round trip, under half a mile! Since walking will be fairly minimal when you live here, you may need to fill your exercise quota at their nicely equipped fitness center! Not too shabby.

Of Elevé’s 1 and 2 bedroom offerings, the coolest by far is their open concept, 1 bedroom loft.  If you get yourself into one of their view units, you can wake up to views of the mountains through the 2nd-floor window, which allows light and excellent views of Glendale into your bedroom, while maintaining that soaring loft feel. We checked out their staged units, tasteful and fabulous, with great space-saving ideas for living in more modest square footage. Designed by Karla Brockington of Brockington Interiors, we could absolutely picture ourselves sitting in that adorable dining alcove and enjoying our coffee and scrambled eggs. And that’s what good staging is all about.

But really, this is just icing on the cake. A very large, decadent cake that Elevé calls the Skydeck. As I mentioned above, this is where you can relax in the jacuzzi (oh, they have two — a hot one, and a cool one for those hot summer days, or hot winter days, as it’s been lately!), grill, lounge, host gatherings and watch movies. Oh — and did we mention “Poet’s Corner’ — where you can play the piano or sing while your adoring fans sit in the audience? My adoring fans might get up and leave at the first strains of “Take Me or Leave Me” but I’m sure yours will be more forgiving!

Check out the amenities:

  • 26,000 sq. ft Skydeck
  • Eating and BBQ area with three gas grills
  • Spa deck with hot and cool spa tubs
  • Demonstration Kitchen area
  • Large screen projector for movie nights
  • Poets Corner with Grand Piano
  • Courtyards with seating
  • Rooftop Pet Park and Pet Spa
  • Fitness center

To learn more and see prices for the units, check out their website: eleveglendale.com. Main image photo credit: brockingtoninteriors.com.


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