Jamzilla starts on Valentine’s Day! Angelenos, Beware

Jamzilla starts on Valentine’s Day! Angelenos, Beware

Happy Valentine’s Day from the City of Los Angeles. Come celebrate your love of traffic and lane closures with your new frenemy, Jamzilla. (I might have gone with Carpocalypse, but surprisingly, they are not consulting me when they name these things…)

Keep an eye on your timing and locations this weekend, as Jamzilla will affect the northbound 405 into the Valley starting Friday night around 7pm (although some news outlets are reporting a 10pm start time) and closures will continue intermittently through the weekend, with complete closures at night.

Check it out here for details.

You’re welcome. And hey Caltrans, if you’re reading this (and we just know you are), I am available for future traffic-related branding endeavors for a small fee! 😉

Photo courtesy of www.dot.ca.gov

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