Green Apartment Living: The Green Cone Composting

Green Apartment Living: The Green Cone Composting

Have you looked at your Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) bill lately? If you’re wondering why your DWP bill keeps increasing, it may not have to do with the amount of electricity you’re using. LADWP routinely increases the trash (sanitation) fees on us. All this bill analyzing has got us thinking,

Holy cow! We throw out a lot of trash!

Well, all the trash has to go somewhere and DWP has to charge us more and more and MORE for it. Where is all this trash going? Why are we paying so much?! These ridiculously high DWP bills really got us questioning our consuming habits. Before calling up and having a raging fit with the poor helpless LADWP customer service folks, we decided we needed to make some changes first like consume less, recycle more, and start composting. Once we’ve eliminated 50 percent of our waste, we’ll bring up our case with the ‘ol LADWP folks to reduce the fee.

In this post, we focus on composting.

After some initial research, we discovered by composting we can eliminate about 20 percent or more of what we throw out in the trash. We also discovered that many people have an aversion to composting. Especially us city-folk. Being L.A. natives, we were skeptical at first. We hardly have any yard space, the buildings are close together, compost smells, attracts flies, and even rodents…and bugs…and, oh my! But we got the idea in our heads and we were determined to make this work.

Sure enough some environmentally conscious city dweller has created a simple and efficient composting method for urban homes and apartments: The Green Cone. This green upside down ice cream cone-looking thing takes all cooked and uncooked food waste and uses the sun to convert it into water. Open the lid, dump the food, shut the lid, and let the glorious sun do all the work. Virtually NO maintenance! And to top it off, it doesn’t smell or attract bugs around it. You do need a small patch of dirt, $170 bucks to buy it, and a shovel. Dig a hole, bury half the cone and start composting. Brilliant!

To purchase: Click Here

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