The Rental Girl has partnered with San Francisco based tech start-up, Intellirent, to bring instant online tenant screening services to the Los Angeles rental market. The partnership merges The Rental Girl’s proprietary screening methods with Intellirent’s fully automated online application and screening technology, modernizing the application process for today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy renters.

“The general process for applying for a rental in Los Angeles is antiquated and time-consuming. You have to fill out a form, scan it, fax or email it, gather paperwork, copy ID. It’s entirely inefficient,” says Koreatown resident, Jeff Gowdy, who recently moved to the area.

For over a decade, The Rental Girl has been known for its user-friendly apartment and home searching website. “We are a highly respected and top reviewed rental company in Los Angeles, because we’re constantly staying ahead in terms of technology without compromising our reverence and commitment to the personal experience,” says The Rental Girl founder, Liz McDonald.

McDonald and Intellirent founder, Corey Eckert, have collaborated to incorporate The Rental Girl’s thorough and stringent standards for vetting applicants into Intellirent’s online application system. “Online applications,” in which renters start and complete their rental application over the internet, is not a new concept to the real estate industry. The difference with this new partnership is that Intellirent continues the process, initiating and completing all aspects of the screening process that can be automated by utilizing programming and artificial intelligence (which they’ve named, “Breanna”). Breanna interacts with all involved parties, sending verification emails, rerouting inquiries to the appropriate point-person and following up when needed.

“One of the most time-consuming aspects of tenant screening is the back and forth. The form was incorrectly filled out, or information is missing, the applicant submits incorrect proof of funds… Partial applications are received, causing us to go back and forth with the applicant multiple times. Every mishap causes a delay, and these delays add up to a lot of costly time for both the renter andlord.” says Lindsay Victory, The Rental Girl agent representing Silver Lake and Echo Park. “Intellirent’s use of artificial intelligence to improve this process is a game-changer. Coupled with our hands-on, personalized approach, it’s a win-win for all.”

Intellirent is a company dedicated to saving time and money for renters, and The Rental Girl is a company committed to making sure that, “If the key fits, rent it.” With these two companies in cahoots, the rental future looks very bright for Los Angelenos.

Happy Hunting!

The Rental Girl

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