Credit Score Low? Skip the Homework! The Rental Girl Found You Extra Credit!

Credit Score Low? Skip the Homework! The Rental Girl Found You Extra Credit!


Turns out credit scores aren’t as cemented as you once thought!

The cost for this service is anywhere from about $600-$2000, depending on how much you’d like to boost your credit.

Per their website, BoostMyScore has commissioned extensive research into the legality of “piggybacking.” Multiple law firms, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Federal Trade Commission, and various Attorneys General have all looked into the practice in fine detail, and each have determined that the act of paying someone to add another to their existing credit card account as an Authorized User is perfectly legal. While the banks and credit reporting agencies may dislike the practice, credit piggybacking is actually protected by Regulation B of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. The boost effect lasts 4 months, and after that period, you can do it all over again! They add your name to “aged” credit cards, essentially temporarily raising your credit score.

Go ahead and score one for the “little guys,” and be sure to remember your “rental girls” when the time comes to use that boosted score for some real estate needs!

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  1. Luisa M - May 28, 2019

    Great information, thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if there were other ways to raise my credit scores faster than traditional credit repair and your article. I was wondering, how long does it take for scores to increase after a person gets added as an authorized user?

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