LA’s First Bikeshare Program Has Launched in Santa Monica

LA’s First Bikeshare Program Has Launched in Santa Monica

If you happen to be driving around Santa Monica, you may notice bright green bicycles whizzing past you; the city of Santa Monica just launched its Breeze Bikeshare Program so you can pick up, ride, and drop off a public bikes at numerous hubs around the city. Operated by Cyclehop, the company responsible for bikeshare across North America, this program launch marks LA County’s first public bike renting system– which is an exciting step towards improving transportation and mobility around the city. They are currently in the preliminary stage, so there are 31 of the Breeze “smart bikes” available at 7 different hubs around Santa Monica. Cyclehop’s official launch will happen in November, when 500 bikes will get rolled out to 75 different locations around Santa Monica and Venice. While only founding members can currently ride these pilot bikes (click here to find out how to become one), basic membership plans will be offered in November starting at $6 per hour.

bikeFor more information about the bikeshare program and membership, check out this LAist article here! This is exciting news for LA’s infamous traffic and pollution problem–and a great way to get out of your car and get active!

Here are the 7 current bikeshare locations mapped out:

bikeshare, santamonica

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