The Rental Girl is a Radio Star!

The Rental Girl is a Radio Star!

Hey Renting in LA readers!

Taking a short break from the regularly scheduled program—Parisa here, Social Media and Content Manager (I write the blog posts!) This was just too exciting not to share with you all first hand…last week, The Rental Girl was invited to guest host on Southern California Public Radio’s KPCC, on Larry Mantle’s “Air Talk”, and I was the lucky lady who got to go in and be a radio star!

The segment was on Crazy, Funny, Bizarre Rental Ads and all the amusing stories that go along with them. Of course, from researching material for the blog and staying in the know on all things real estate, this segment was so much fun for me (and boy do I have some stories…)

On my way to KPCC studios in Pasadena, I made a pit stop at Jones Coffee across the street to fuel up before the interview. A fellow Rental Girl joined me for moral support, and we guzzled down one of their delicious nitro cold brews (coffee lovers, I highly recommend). My energy skyrocketed soon thereafter and I was ready to do the show!

parisa 1


As we quickly pulled into the SCPR parking lot, we parked in a spot by random…only to realize that that specific space had been reserved for me with my very own sign! How cool?!

parisa 2

Upon entering, we were welcomed by the Associate Producer Matthew, who guided us down a hallway of cool private sound rooms until we arrived at the “Air Talk” door. Larry was in the middle of the show so I felt the need to whisper, even though the sound booth’s walls are clearly sound-proof. Silly Parisa! I saw a screen counting down the minutes until I had to be on and right then my nerves kicked in! 1:36…1:35…1:34…1:3AKGDlgflbfWb!!! A few deep breaths later, with a quick photo op under the “On Air” microphone sign, it was my turn to talk. I had 30 seconds to enter the room, get seated, put on the headphones, say hi to Larry and BAM, we were live!

parisa 3

From 12:45-12:54pm Larry and I discussed all the funny rental ads and stories we’ve come across, from a “closet-room” under the stairs (Harry Potter is real you guys!) to an actual tent for rent in a Hollywood Hills vacant lot. I blinked and the nine minutes were up! I guess time flies when you’re having fun/in disbelief that you’re talking on the RADIO! Larry had such a great energy and level of professionalism that the show was super relaxed and went even better than I could have expected. Here’s the link to the archived recording, so you can take a listen for yourself: KPCC


parisa 4

In the “Air Talk” sound room…I even made Larry laugh!

parisa 5

Larry and Me!

Overall, the whole experience was an absolute blast and I’d love to go back any day and chat with Larry again (Larry, are you reading this?)

Thanks for tuning in renters! I’m always looking for more funny/crazy rental stories so please comment below if you have a wild one to share!

Happy Hunting!

The Rental Girl



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