Silicon Valley Heads South to Silicon Beach

Silicon Valley Heads South to Silicon Beach

Silicon Valley is the leading hub for high-tech companies and tech start-ups. For a long time, techies have purchased properties in Southern California to act as their trophy beach getaways. However with SF real estate prices steeping higher every day, and LA’s tech scene, coined as “Silicon Beach”, growing to over 1000 companies, SoCal is becoming a more attractive place to call home for NorCal engineers and entrepreneurs. This Represent LA  map provides a great visual of just how many Los Angeles start-ups are out there!

Los Angeles real estate is not only cheaper than San Francisco’s: you get increased square footage, warmer weather, and a more laid back beach lifestyle (not to mention all the amazing street tacos!) Silicon Valley residents are going from surfing the web to surfing the waves– which is an ideal way to unwind from the high-stress tech industry.

LA Times explains this NorCal/SoCal transition well in a recent article here !


Happy Hunting!

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Silicon Valley’s “Minecraft” genius Markus Persson’s new $70 million Beverly Hills home (Simon Berlyn)


Cover photo: Silicon Beach illustration by Carlos Monteiro.

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