Most Affordable Neighborhoods For College Grads

Most Affordable Neighborhoods For College Grads

Graduation season is nearly here. And just in time, HotPads rental website has created interactive maps showing soon-to-be grads the most affordable neighborhoods to rent in after college, based on their expected salaries.

Getting your first job out of college as a sales representative and looking for a place to rent in Los Angeles? HotPads data says you are likely to spend 60 percent of your gross salary if you rent in Santa Monica. A more affordable neighborhood to start your search in might be Culver City, where only 29 percent of your gross salary will go towards rent.

You can check out how all of the different professions and neighborhoods in Los Angeles stack up by clicking on the map below.

LA Map Salary vs Rent

Moving to another part of the country? Check out HotPads’ “Rent Here, Not There” cheat sheet below for advice on which neighborhoods are the best to start your search.

affordable rent

HotPads Rent Here, Not There


The Rental Girl invites Guest Bloggers with unique perspectives and helpful housing-related advice to post on our blog. Kristy Hessmanthe Lead Writer at HotPads, whipped up this sweet post to make the “real world” a little less daunting for all you graduating college seniors. HotPads is one of the most comprehensive and interactive rental searches in the marketplace. They’re simplifying the rental search process and helping renters make smarter decisions about renting.

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