Planning Your Move

Planning Your Move

What Are Friends For?

Now that you’ve signed a lease and know your move date all that’s left is moving. Throw a moving party!

Get on the phone and invite your friends over to help pack. Buy boxes, tape, markers, food and libations to get rolling.  In no time you’ll have everything packed. This is a great time to give unwanted items to friends.  What are friends for? Helping you move! Moving costs are not always in the budget, and if they are why pay someone to do it when you can get your friends with trucks to help you move? Offer to pay for gas and have pizza and beer waiting at the final destination. In no time you’ll be settled and enjoying your place.

Need A Mover?

If you can’t seem to pull the gang together to help you move don’t stress – call a mover!  Plan ahead.  Have the moving company come out to give you an estimate that is in writing and within your budget range. When the movers come to give you an estimate, have them come to your current home and then take them to your new place.  This will help eliminate extra known costs.  Movers charge by the hour, not by the number of your boxes.  If you live in hills with narrow roads the moving truck might not always fit.  In a case like this, the movers will know in advance to bring a smaller truck.  Do you have 200 steps to get to the front door?  This may tack on a few extra hours of moving and that means more money out of your pocket. For moving within Los Angeles, we recommend Real Rock N Roll Movers.

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