Nobody Walks In L.A? Finding a Walkable Neighborhood

Nobody Walks In L.A? Finding a Walkable Neighborhood

Sure, Angelenos like their cars.

But a top criteria renters have when looking for a rental in Los Angeles is:

“Is it walking distance to shops and restaurants?”

Everyone wants to know if the property is in a “walkable” location. As dependent as we are on our cars here in L.A., we do like our neighborhoods, and being able to walk to stuff is key.

Luckily for you, there is a great website to help determine if the apartment you are looking to rent is in a walkable location:

Walkscore rates the walk-ability of the property address you’re considering. Enter your current or future address and this site will rate it on a scale of 0-100 (100 being Walkers’ Paradise). Check it out!

* 90–100 = Walkers’ Paradise: Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without owning a car.

* 70–89 = Very Walkable: It’s possible to get by without owning a car.

* 50–69 = Somewhat Walkable: Some stores and amenities are within walking distance, but many everyday trips still require a bike, public transportation, or car.

* 25–49 = Car-Dependent: Only a few destinations are within easy walking range. For most errands, driving or public transportation is a must.

* 0–24 = Car-Dependent (Driving Only): Virtually no neighborhood destinations within walking range. You can walk from your house to your car!

Is your future home in a walkable neighborhood? Find out here.

 For more information on finding the right neighborhood to live in, check out our guide to Finding the Right Neighborhood. 

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