Ask a Rental Agent: Writing Checks from an Out-of-Town Bank?

Ask a Rental Agent: Writing Checks from an Out-of-Town Bank?

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QuestionMy wife and I are planning on moving to Los Angeles from the East Coast this fall. We use a local credit union in our current home town for our banking. When we come out to find an apartment, do you think landlords would find it weird or off-putting to get a check from this credit union account? Should we open an account in a nationwide bank with branches in both our home town and LA for this? Will they want a cashiers’ check anyway?

The Rental Girl: No, it should be fine with the majority of landlords here. However, for your initial payment (1st months rent and deposit), you will need a cashiers check. That is always the problem renters from out of town have – struggling to figure out how to get money from an out-of-state bank to get into a cashiers check here in LA. So plan ahead for that. One possibility is to bring cash that you can convert to money order or cashiers check here at a local bank.

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