What’s worse than sitting in traffic for 45 minutes to travel just 2 and a half miles? Finally arriving at your destination only to find no parking and looping around the block 3 times before you give up and pay $20 for valet. Parking is a headache for almost all L.A. drivers – especially for renters with no reserved parking spots – but we’ve found a solution that will solve all your parking woes! Meet Poasis, an online tool that connects people with extra parking spaces to those looking for parking. It’s like Air BnB for parking!

parking, poasis, losangeles

Poasis is a website that allows people to rent out, request, and book parking spots online, as well as buy and sell parking passes for free. Poasis founder and recent UCLA grad, Ryusei Shimizu, grew tired of never being able to find parking near campus and often returning to dents and tickets on his car. He designed Poasis to offer a solution to parking struggles near UCLA and Santa Monica College campuses, and is now expanding to the rest of L.A!  Whether you need hourly parking for eating out, or want to forget about street parking everyday in front of your home, Poasis can save you time, money, and stress by reserving a parking spot ahead of time.

parking, poasis, losangeles

parking, poasis, losangeles

Furthermore, if your home or rental has an extra parking space you don’t use – you can rent it out on Poasis and make extra income! It’s a win-win for both parties.

So renters – next time you see a lease without a garage or covered parking spot…you can now say “No parking? No problem!” and get the rental and the parking spot of your dreams using The Rental Girl and Poasis.


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Main image by April Ding, Daily Bruin

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