House Hunting For Good Schools

House Hunting For Good Schools

Searching for an affordable home is always a priority to homebuyers, but finding one in a good school district is critical to many families with children. With college acceptance rates growing more competitive every year, parents are highly factoring quality of education into their American Dream home-hunt. In a recent study, 35% of parents in America with children under the age of 18 want to live in a great school district; contrastingly, only 12% of those without children value school quality.

Knowing education is important to a family’s home search, our friends at Trulia did some research on which areas in the U.S highlight schools as a major selling point. The results were woven into these fun, infographics below:

Where Schools Are A High Real Estate Selling Point

Trulia looked at all their homes for sale in the past year and searched how frequently “school” was mentioned in a for-sale listing. Interestingly, 5 of the top 10 are in California: Orange County, Ventura County, Fresno, San Jose and Oakland.

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Where Schools Are A Low Real Estate Selling Point

Continuing the same research, Trulia analyzed which housing markets rarely use schools as a selling point. The data showed that the places that did not highlight the quality of schools were mostly in Nevada, Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

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From these infographics, you may be gathering that if a district does not mention the word “school” in their real estate listings, they must not have good schools? Actually, this is false. After digging into these results, Trulia found that markets with a more consistent quality of education are less likely to mention the proximity to a good school in their listings. So it’s not surprising that Connecticut and Massachusetts (home to Ivy leagues Yale and Harvard) are at the top of the low-selling point list…they don’t necessarily need to.

Contrastingly, places like California and Florida, which are not typically recognized for good statewide school systems, are more inclined to mention “school” in their listings if a home is in a good district. In states where education can range from top-notch to terrible, home-sellers see it beneficial to mention when their property is located near a sought-after school–to better attract homebuyers with children.

If you’re curious as to which area in the country has above-average schools according to Great Schools, check out this country-wide map. To read the full article on Trulia, click here!

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