HAPPENING IN LA: Riot L.A. Comedy Festival

HAPPENING IN LA: Riot L.A. Comedy Festival

Is your new year’s resolution to have a little more fun? What better way to enter 2017 than with some big belly laughs from some of the best comedians in the country at the Riot L.A. Comedy Festival, Jan 19-22. Are you a fan of shows like Silicon Valley, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or Dr. Katz? The stars of these hilarious shows, along with 150 other talented comedians, will be performing at Riot L.A’s Comedy Festival this month. The 4-day event takes place in 8 unique and intimate venue spaces, with 45+ shows, podcasts, panels and more—all within a few blocks of Downtown LA. Check it out Angelenos!

Riot LA 2017

Check out Riot L.A. Comedy Festival’s website and get your tickets to the event here.

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