These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Silver Lake

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Silver Lake

It’s not really Silver and it’s not really a Lake. It’s a reservoir, really. But this tiny patch of water in the middle of a sprawling urban desert community is to die for. It’s why Silver Lake houses for rent go at such a premium. We asked The Rental Girl’s local leasing expert Ellie to name a few of her favorite things about Silver Lake:

  1. Tickle my funny bone. I love comedy! I bet you had no idea, Silver Lake has lots of comedy! One of my favorite spots is The Lyric Hyperion Theater & Café. You’ve probably driven past it a thousand times. Stop by! Thursday is my favorite night, they always have a great line up of comics, their bites are delish and they serve beverages for the 21 and over. In addition to this spot you can catch some good laughs at the Virgil for free, both often listed in the Comedy Crawl:
  2. The Silver Lake Reservoir. My personal treasure, The Reservoir, I love this place! It’s my favorite place to re-center myself. I go a couple times a week for a run/walk, gotta keep it sexy, you know. This huge body of water is surrounded by beautiful homes, blue sky, and it features a gorgeous meadow where I wrap up the run, take in the fresh air, stretch and enjoy the blue sky. The rec center with a basketball court and a dog park is a great addition.
  3. Liquid Coffee. LA Mill Coffee shop is like walking into a lavish Décor Magazine cover. It’s beautiful! They offer exotic coffee from all over the world, brewed like a nerdy kid would do in my elementary class. Go see it for yourself. They have delicious dishes; my favorite is the scrambled eggs with salmon and asparagus on top, yum! Other local favorite coffee shops: Casbah Café, Cafesito Organico and the new kid on the block: Sqirl!
  4. Sprinkled Savory Treasures. The endless savory and fun places to eat. When I first joined The Rental Girl, I was challenged to eat or drink in a different place almost every day for the 1st year, there are so many places! Years later I can’t keep up, izzz the Kraziness! Cowboys & Turbans offers a unique experience, with the menu and piano benches under the stars. Other favorites: Gobi Mongolian BBQ, Good, Home, Pho Café (no sign needed, yes it’s that good), Ginger Grass, The Kitchen, Blair’s, Blossom with its underground atrium, Edendale, Casita Del Campo, Say Cheese & Barbrix for a killer brunch! I challenge you to not repeat a single coffee shop nor restaurant bar for one year.
  5. Sunset Junction. To me, it’s like a string of old Christmas lights that line Sunset Blvd from Intelligentsia to Echo Park with fabulous local shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. Amongst the platter of fun you’ll find: The Farmers Market for the essential long floral skirt, Los Globos to dance and twirl that skirt and The Black Cat, where you can get a killer lamb plate.
  6. Why pay for a gym membership to tighten that booty, when we have our own Stairmaster laying against the Silver Lake hills? The secret stair case baby, lots of them hidden around LA and many in Silver Lake! They are lined with hidden homes, and are 3-4-5 flights, landing you on a street you had no idea even existed!

When moving from out of town, it can be very difficult trying to decide which neighborhood in Los Angeles to move to. “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” is one series of blog posts brought to you by leasing agents at The Rental Girl to help educate you on the variety of colorful neighborhoods Los Angeles has to offer.

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