KCRW: Co-Owning Tenants in Common

KCRW: Co-Owning Tenants in Common

KCRW’s Francis Anderton sat down with contributor, Devin Boone to discuss her findings on the latest housing trend to hit LA…co-housing!

First seen popping up over seas in Berlin, Germany, “co-housing can provide a way of creating community and equity”. Boone found two couples and a friend who collectively bought a tri-plex in Mid City back in 2009 when the housing market was shaky. Morgen Wilbourne, one of the owners, discusses the ups and downs of co-owning a home as well as the process of finding a loan officer who was willing to work with them. At the time, co-owning a home and having five people all on the same deed and sharing the title of the home was very unconventional and they were turned down by multiple loan officers before finding someone who would work with them. Since then, they have nearly doubled the value of their home and have learned to work together in creating a home that’s best for all of them and their families.

Morgen Wilbourne in her home she shares with four other adults.

Photo credit: Devin Boone, KCRW, independent producer

To listen to the entire interview and learn more about co-housing, check out KCRW’s DnA feature; Flipping the Bird, Co-Buying A House

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