Meet our Los Feliz Leasing Agent, Jasmine Ward.

Jasmine sits down to chat about what she loves most about her neighborhood and working at The Rental Girl.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a so-cal native that primarily grew up in the desert! I have two younger brothers. I served 6 years in the Air Force and left to attend Fashion School. I wrote for a few fashion magazines before finding my love for real estate! I’ve been part of The Rental Girl team since 2014 and am so grateful! I just finished my first book…a memoir and sci-fi thriller that I hope to share next year. 

What’s your favorite aspect of being a realtor?

I get to see amazing and unique homes! Each property has its own story and energy. When I walk into them, I get a little piece of its history and am given the opportunity to be apart of its future and potentiality. 

What’s your all-time favorite spot in Los Feliz?

There’s no way I can choose one! I like to go to Skylight Books for unique reads, Bearded Beagle for vintage gems, and as of lately, WKNDR is curing all my cravings. 

How would you describe Los Feliz?

Los Feliz was the first neighborhood I fell in love with when I moved to L.A.  It’s this pocket of the city that holds some of L.A’s oldest gems, best stories, hidden treasures, and a magical history. Each street is captivating in its own way. There’s nothing bland, forced or unoriginal about it. It has all the qualities we like about a small town, while still giving you big city flare. It’s one of my favorite places… in the world!

If your neighborhood was on a dating app, who would be the perfect match to move into the hood?
I think she’d like to settle down with someone who is creative, easy going, humble, hard-working, positive energy, and cultured.
What is something that most people don’t know about you? 

That I’m a veteran. 

How long have you lived in LA? 

6 years. 

What’s on your LA Bucket List this year?

The Price is Right! I’ve been preparing since I was 6,  I’m ready!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone interested in applying to a property you’re leasing?

Be friendly! Friendliness goes a long way.  Above all, most owners want a courteous and respectful tenant living in their home. The act of renting a home can be stressful for both the owner and the renter. So being a nice and compassionate human speaks volumes to your character!

What’s the most quintessential LA thing about your neighborhood?

So many celebrity sightings! 

Best cliche Los Feliz activity?

Hiking Griffith Park and visiting the observatory. It’s a must!

Best taco joint?

Tacos 2 Madre for lunch/dinner and Homestate for breakfast tacos.

Best place to grab a drink?

Good Luck Bar for a cocktail and Covell for wine

Best lookout place in Los Feliz?
The Observatory/Griffith Park.
Best street for splurging: Hillhurt or Vermont?
Best place to catch a movie: Los Feliz 3 Vintage Theater or The Vista Theater?
The Vista!
Best way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon?

First stop, WKNDR! I like to get a rose latte and vegan donut or breakfast sammy and then head to the farmers market across the street. After a little perusing down Vermont, I either catch a movie at The Vista or do a little vintage shopping. At some point in the day, ice cream from Jeni’s is happening. Watching the sunset at Barnsdall is always on the table!

Best way to get around the city? 
Walk or Scooter!
Which historical Los Feliz landmark is your favorite? Why?

I get giddy over all of the Walt Disney homes in the neighborhood. I think that’s partly why Los Feliz has such an enchanting feeling!

I also love the history of The Hollyhock House – A Frank Lloyd Wright house, built for oil heiress Aline Barnsdall. She asked Wright to incorporate her favorite flower, the hollyhock, into the home’s design. Does anyone out there wanna build me a house? My favorite flower is the peony.

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