AGENT SPOTLIGHT | MEET OUR DTLA, Chinatown, & East La AGENT, Joaquin!

AGENT SPOTLIGHT | MEET OUR DTLA, Chinatown, & East La AGENT, Joaquin!

The Rental Girl Presents: Agent Spotlight

The Rental Girl Presents: Agent Spotlight

Say heeeey to our DTLA, Chinatown, & East LA agent, Joaquin! Oh and we should probably mention something really important… As of March 18th, Joaquin will be packing his bags, & hopefully his plants ?, and moving to NYC! Don’t worry, we are not losing our beloved Joaquin though!! He will be extending The Rental Girl brand to the East Coast! So to all our New York City connections: let your landlord/homeowner/renter friends know that he will be up and running – ready to lease, list, buy or sell come March! ?

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I was born in Santa Fe, NM but I grew up in Texas – moved to LA about 6 years ago! I love iced coffee, spaghetti and meatballs is my favorite meal, and I am a little obsessed with plants.

What’s your favorite aspect of being a realtor?

I have always loved everything about touring homes and was weirdly obsessed with peoples homes when I was a kid. I guess that is why I became a realtor! I also love seeing an old home that has been untouched and learning more about its history.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I have always wanted to be a pop-star or a famous actor but unfortunately, I can’t sing and I am too shy to be an actor. 

What’s your all-time favorite spot in your territory?

The culture and history are always my favorite parts of any neighborhood and my neighborhoods, specifically, have a lot of it. 

Which historical Chinatown, DTLA, or East La landmark is your favorite? Why?

It really isn’t a landmark but there are so many untouched homes in East LA which is probably my favorite thing to come across.  There are so many bad flips out there or people demolishing historical homes to build sandbox homes. I love the Victorian gems you come across in East LA or the charming little Spanish multi-family homes. 

Best way to spend a Sunday/day off?

I take full advantage of my Sundays and I am a total couch potato. As a realtor, we are always running around showing properties or networking so I rarely get to just chill at home. Sunday is our only day off so I take that time to really get things done around the house and be as lazy as humanly possible.  

So we hear you’re moving to NYC!! When, Where, and Why?

YES! I have always dreamed about being in New York City, for as long as I can remember actually. I will be living in West Village come this March 🙂

What’s on your NYC Bucket List this year?

Truly, moving to NYC is something on my bucket list so having this opportunity to extend The Rental Girl brand out to NYC is huge and I couldn’t be more pleased. Also, I want to become friends with Ariana Grande (

don’t @ me). 

What should renters know when relocating from LA to NYC? 

Each market is different so expect to have to be a little more creative with your applications and be prepared to take action immediately if you like a place. 

What will you miss most about LA?

I will miss my friends the most 100% – over the last year specifically, I have really surrounded myself with some amazing people and I am so grateful for all of my friends/experiences. I will miss them the most. Also, I am sure at some point I will be missing the weather lol 

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