You May Also Like…This LA Neighborhood

You May Also Like…This LA Neighborhood

You know that Netflix “You may also like” feature? It’s basically a computer algorithm that picks movies for you based on what you’ve previously watched and liked. Well, we got to thinking: why can’t that work for apartment or house hunting? Just pick a show and find the LA neighborhood that best matches your personal style.  Brilliant! Parks & Recreation fan? Check out that apartment for rent in Los Feliz. Mad Men watcher? Grab that loft for rent in downtown LA. Read on for more fun neighborhood recs based on those TV episodes overflowing your Netflix queue.

madmenMad Men – Classy Retro – Downtown LA

Downtown LA has become a hub for all things new, fancy and/or experimental. Housing conversions from old buildings translate to super sleek new loft spaces, and you can slip into any number of speak-easy-type bars and lose yourself in nostalgia and Makers on the rocks.


ggGossip Girl – An All-Around Sleek, Guilty Pleasure – West Hollywood

As you walk down Santa Monica Bvld, you’ll notice  almost everyone is a beautiful, toned and all-around fabulous person who seems a little too good to be true — to that, we say, welcome to WeHo. If you’re out and about, the two appropriate dress codes are Lululemon, if you’re headed to Tender Greens from one of the numerous gyms in the area, or your Prada bag if you’re wandering down Robertson for some A-list shopping (choose wisely for the sake of your wallet).


silverlakeParks & Recreation – Understated Hip – Silverlake/Los Feliz

If waiting for over an hour in a small strip mall parking lot for some much-talked-about tonkatsu, or paying extra for one of Intelligentsia’s LA-roasted seasonal pourovers sounds like just your cup of, um, coffee… then this town was made for you. But that’s not the whole picture of what it’s all about over here. At its core, you’ll find a vibrant community where you’ll never want for a hip place to grab a drink, or a cool new eatery, as long as you don’t mind drowning in a sea of plaid.


truebloodTrue Blood – Over-the-top, Cheesy & Sexy – Hollywood

Walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a right of passage for those new to L.A. Once you check that off the list, keep the overwrought vibe of Hollywood Blvd alive by visiting the Hollywood & Highland complex, complete with its ridiculously large columns comprised of larger-than-life mythical beasts and a Forever 21 store that you may never find your way out of. Then hit one of the many clubs in a 1-mile radius and get your sexy on.


realhousewivesThe Real Housewives – Fancy, Gossipy & Flashy – Beverly Hills

Think Old Money. But not East Coast Old Money. Just Old(er) Money Than West Hollywood. This is where you’ll move once you tire of the excitement of WeHo but still yearn to admire the sheen of your quilted, patent leather Chanel wallet in the California sun. If you’re more a Buchon than Connie & Ted’s type of person (and if you actually understood what that meant), you may belong on the wide, tree-lined streets of Rodeo Drive.


newgirlThe New Girl – Artsy & Quirky – Venice

Around every corner in Venice, you’ll find something new to explore. Don’t be put off by its grittier edges, and if you want to avoid the tourists, stay clear of the boardwalk and head over to Abott Kinney for super cute shopping, eats and drinks. But don’t forget to visit the gorgeous canals and drool over the many beautiful glass and steel homes that line them.


modfamModern Family – Warm & Fuzzy But Sometimes Unexpected – The East Valley

Traffic isn’t too bad once you venture over the hill into the San Fernando Valley. Certainly driving the wide and well-paved streets around Ventura Blvd. will lessen any anxiety you felt driving through congested Hollywood or the Westside. No, here in the East Valley which includes areas like Sherman Oaks and Studio City, you’ll become a part of a family-oriented and more tranquil community, complete with manicured lawns. Despite all the associations a suburban paradise brings to mind, you’ll have plenty of options for eating and playing.


breakingbadBreaking Bad – Gritty & Dynamic with Characters You Won’t Soon Forget – Highland Park

Colorful and bustling, but with a mix of families and single, late 20’s/early 30-somethings, HP is a town in transition. Northeast L.A. (or NELA as it’s often called), is where young professionals are planting their roots. Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Montecito Heights, Mount Washington… Home prices are reflecting the transition in Highland Park, where you’ll find authentic taquerias mixed in with the hipster coffee joints lining York Blvd.


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