There was a time when everybody was designing things to be smaller and smaller. Now, it seems people want bigger things. Look no farther than the devices on our hands. Smartphones have been trending towards larger screen displays. So isn’t it only fair that we wish for a bigger apartment? I mean, it would be nice to have that walk-in closet, right?

But hey, living in a small apartment in Los Angeles isn’t half-bad either! It may not be ideal, but it definitely is practical. C’mon, you get to save money, it teaches you how to keep only the things you need (can’t be a packrat!) and it’s pretty convenient with not having as much space to clean. Living in a small apartment can be really great deal with the right perspective!

While we dream about one day living in a mansion in Beverly Hills, we can actually make the most out of our seemingly small apartments. There are some little tricks that you can do here and there around your apartment to maximize the space. By doing so, you’ll let it look and feel bigger than it actually is.

Check out these small apartment design ideas!

Go light with colors

It’s one of the oldest tricks in interior design — light colors make living spaces feel vast. From the color of your apartment’s walls to even its curtains, light colors will make your apartment look brighter and bigger. Whereas, darker colors can drain out the apartment’s environment and make it feel cramped. You can see this same trend in many other areas of design. For example, web designers opt for lighter color palettes to create a friendly and airy environment to their site. Similarly, not only will lighter color make your apartment feel bigger and brighter, but it will also feel inviting with its soft color scheme.

Use curvy furniture

Just as with design, before coming up with an innovative creative solution, the designer must first consider the context of their design challenge. Which is honestly very much the same way print designers must consider how to maximize the tiny real estate with the most content possible. So consider the conventional shape of a small apartment. Small apartments are typically box-shaped. Curvy furniture such as a round table are a fun way to compliment the harsh structured straight-line edges of a smaller apartment. The rounded shapes will soften the appearance of your small apartment. Using this design technique in smaller apartments works really well as it helps make small apartments feel more spacious.

Mirrors are marvelous

Another design idea that just works wonders is hanging a mirror opposite to your apartment’s window (or wherever the most sunlight peers through!). This allows the natural sunlight to reflect off the mirror and bounce around the room. When this happens, it’ll make you feel that your space is airier than you previously thought it was.

If finding the right type of mirror proves to be difficult, you can go with a more inexpensive alternative and substitute it with a bright, exuberant poster. Just as mirrors they can reflect back lighting to make your living space feel bigger, bright and exuberant. Graphic designs can similarly expand your room with its reflective colors. A simple design trick like this can truly transform your small apartment!

Bonus: bring in a plant

Break the monotone of your small apartment’s look with the pleasant affection of a plant. Adding some green to your living space to help it feel fresh and light. You can even place it in the corner! The color green evokes a quieting and calming emotion, influenced by the natural colors of nature. Greenery can really open up your space as it resembles the vast outdoors. We love succulents for small apartments! They don’t take up much space, but they soften the visual appearance of the harsh textures of concrete floors and walls, as well as flat and dull wooden surfaces. Remember, fill in the corners of your small apartment. Placing a plant in the corner is a wonderful solution to brightening up your pad. Just like curvy furniture, plants soften the appearance of your living environment. When you soften the appearance of your apartment, it’ll make your space feel more inviting and spacious. And when it feels welcoming? It feels like home.

That’s it! These are five inexpensive design ideas that are easy to pull off. Hopefully, if you incorporate these creative problem-solvers, it will help assuage any lingering claustrophobia. Like I said, small apartments can be a great deal and it’s well-worth finding yourself one!


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