5 Stylish Furnishings for Small Apartments

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow

Designing and transforming compact apartments to function similarly to full-size abodes is complicated. Individuals aiming to express themselves through their interior selections might find tight quarters frustrating to tackle. However, smart furnishings help renters create their best abodes, no matter the square footage available.

Rather than move into a new apartment, consider using these five, functional and chic furniture choices to maximize small spaces.

1. Convertible Sofas

To keep guests comfortable, consider sleeper sofas that transform into queen-size beds. Opt for streamlined lie-flat couches over traditional convertibles that are often comparable to old, lumpy basement pull-outs. Remove cushions, flip seats forward and reveal queen-size mattresses for guests to rest on at night. Adorn sofas with extra plush blankets and pillows for more comfortable arrangements.

2. Nesting Tables

It’s no surprise why these stackable tables have made such an impact in the design world. While they can be rolled into one another and placed into corners as one unit, they can also be separated for extra table space while entertaining. Nesting tables are available in a wide variety of design options – modern side tables, antique stands or rustic benches match all various design realms.

3. Love Seats

Not quite a chair, not quite a sofa; love seats combine the compactness of armchairs and the dual-seating possibilities of full-sized couches to create lounging opportunities in condensed spaces. Loveseats typically give off country French or Victorian style vibes, but sleek and modern options are available for those looking to match their existing contemporary design.

4. Hidden Compartments

Any piece of furniture with hidden storage is a studio dweller’s best friend. Consider purchasing beds with built-in drawers or lift-top dining benches and tables to take full advantage of idle space inside furnishings. Dining tables with rotating tops double as pool tables and work great in customized bachelor pads and man caves.

5. Room Dividers

Delineate multi-functional spaces with furniture, shelving or décor. For studio apartments, consider bookshelves that de-clutter while allocating separate spaces. Dining tables can also be placed strategically between kitchens and living rooms to help designate purpose for each region. Shoji screens made of wood, paper or glass, are designed to divide rooms with minimal obstruction. For a lighter approach, use sheer curtains to separate bedrooms from common areas. Regardless of method used, splitting rooms allows studio renters the opportunity to entertain without feeling as though their private bedrooms are exposed.

Remember to keep furniture choices bright and lightweight to avoid overcrowding tiny apartments. Light-colored pieces fare well in small spaces because they take up less space visually than their bulkier, darker counterparts. Keep color palettes neutral to trick eyes into thinking rooms are wider. Additionally, emphasize height with floor-to-ceiling drapes. Don’t forget to hang curtain bars above window moldings to make them appear taller. Hang mirrors instead of posters or purchase furniture with reflective surfaces to brighten and maximize small rooms.


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