You can just feel it in the air… the holiday season is upon us! For every homeowner, a new season demands a new set of interior decor to match the themes of the season. Just as how you need to pick out new outfits to fit the season, your home similarly needs a seasonal makeover to keep your living space from going stale.

The holidays are an especially good time to go all out with the a home makeover since the winter season forces earlier sunsets that bring those chilly cold evenings. Although it might be sunny California, even those with the most active lifestyles notice a shift in their behavior during the cooler winters. Instead, everybody just wants to cozy up in bed and sleep in until the latest of afternoons — which we think is reason enough to get started on that holiday home makeover!

So how can you bring the holidays in? Aside from the typical advice of putting up a Christmas tree and Christmas stockings, we’ve got innovative design tips for you. We got you covered! Here are several design tips that can bring out the holiday cheer in your home:

Bring the outdoors in

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There’s simply nothing like having organic decor to help freshen and lighten up your living environment. With the winter season, bring in some fresh new greenery — even pluck them from your backyard — and set them up throughout your home to bring in the festive vibe of the holidays. Pick some flowers, small branches and acorns, things you can literally just grab from the backyard of your home, to bring the outdoors in. We all know packaging can make things look even better, so don’t be afraid to find a cute red ribbon and wrap it around your freshly found decor. Spread those bow-tied bundles of joy around your home! Don’t forget to adorn your mantel with some of your green friends as well if you really want to complete the look.

Light up the candles

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With the relatively early winter evenings, it can get dark quickly. Get some scented candles to not only warm your home, but to give it that festive fragrance. Be sure to pick out shiny gold and silver candles to reflect the cheerful festivities of the upcoming New Year. The sparkling metallic colors really bring out the sparkling spirit of the holidays. Placing them throughout the house such as on shelves or desks will make your home feel even cozier. A neat design trick is to group candles of various sizes together to make them especially charming. Just be careful not to burn anything!

Group colors

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Contrast the dull, gloomy winter weather by injecting your home with vibrant colors. A great inexpensive way to do this is to group your already existing garnishes by color. Try something like arranging books on the shelves by color to bring out the spectrum of the rainbow! For a more traditional winter holiday feel and look, try grouping colors such as turquoise, green, white and even pink. We mentioned earlier how silver and gold candles can help welcome in the New Year. Some of our favorite color combinations include gold, white and red or green, red and silver. They add a little twist to the tradition green, red and white colors of Christmas!

Spruce up the front door

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The front door to your home is an entryway to your life. In more ways than one, the front door can be one of the most important features of your home. It’ll most likely be your first chance as a homeowner to make an impression on your visitors and guests.

Spruce it up with the ever-festive garlands (especially if they’re embedded with tiny Christmas lights) and scatter some festive ornaments with around the doorway to make your home look the part of a jovial holiday home. Try using the color combinations we suggested from the previous design tip, especially green, red and silver. The yellow hue emitted from the Christmas lights will complement these colors well and make your home feel inviting.

These are only a few design ideas that can bring the holidays into your home. They’re easy to execute and very inexpensive, if not completely free. Once you’ve given your home that holiday makeover, be sure to play some holiday tunes! Just sit back, relax, and sip on that eggnog. Happy holidays!


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