Ask a Rental Agent: I’m Moving to L.A. in 3 Months. When Should I Start Looking?

Ask a Rental Agent: I’m Moving to L.A. in 3 Months. When Should I Start Looking?

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Question: I’m moving to Los Angeles in three months and I’m having a hard time finding a rental. Am I looking too soon?

The Rental Girl: You have started looking way too early. Finding a rental in Los Angeles is difficult and time consuming. However, it is nearly impossible to find a rental 3 months in advance. Why? Los Angeles has an extremely low vacancy rate. And tenants are only required to give notice of vacating 30 days before they move out. Once a tenant moves out, the unit is normally vacant for less than 30 days before it gets rented.

As you are not looking to move for three months, your future landlord is probably not aware of his vacancy! We advise tenants to start looking at least one month prior to your ideal move-in date. You can start looking two months in advance to get an idea of the L.A. rental market, see what properties rent for, and how quickly they rent. And then when you seriously begin your search one month prior to your ideal move-in date, you will be educated on the rental market and prepared to act when a good rental hits the market.  

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