Agent Spotlight | Meet our NELA agent, Angela!

Agent Spotlight | Meet our NELA agent, Angela!

The Rental Girl Presents: Agent Spotlight

Meet our NELA Leasing Agent, Angela Campos

We sat down with Angela, who’s been apart of The Rental Girl family for a little over two years now, the other day to discuss what she loves most about her job and her neighborhood. ?

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

AC: “I was originally an Architecture Major and dropped out a few years into my schooling after finding that it wasn’t the “perfect” “right/left brain” career I had hoped it would be. I come from a family of Realtors, Brokers and Real Estate Investors, real estate is what I know and love. My parents were investors and most of my life we “lived and flipped”, this meant moving every two years and a new neighborhood to explore and make home.”

What’s your favorite aspect of being a realtor?

AC: “What I love most is being an aid in helping others achieve their goal of home ownership, whether their intention is to live in this home or flip to sell or lease. Its also very inspiring to see what my clients choose to do with their properties, whether its restoring it to its original glory or creating something completely new and out of the ordinary!”

What’s your all time favorite spot in NELA?

AC: “This is a tough one! If I had to choose one, it would be Cafe Birdie- great food, cocktails and atmosphere all in one beautiful space!”

How would you describe your neighborhood?

AC: “Ever-changing and creative!”

If your neighborhood was on a dating app, who would be the perfect match to move into the hood?

AC: “Someone who appreciates the arts, whether its music, visual art, etc. Most importantly, someone who is willing to engage with the existing culture, has the capacity to appreciate it and isn’t afraid to learn something new.”


 What is something that most people don’t know about you?

AC: “I was born in the South Bay and raised in Long Beach and South Orange County. I am one of the few California natives here.”

How long have you lived in LA? And what’s one thing that surprised you about the city this month?

A: “I’ve been in LA two years now. NELA isn’t anything like Hollywood!”

What’s on your LA Bucket List this year?

AC: “Complete my Foodie Tour List!”

What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone interested in applying to a property you’re leasing?

A: “Get your ducks in a row! Check your credit, ensure your paystubs or bank statements are reflecting the financial requirement for the property you are applying to– typically 3 x the rent amount. I would also even go as far as giving your personal and landlords a heads up about my call.”

What’s the most quintessential LA thing about your neighborhood?

A: “The filming! Not my favorite.”

NELA This or That:

Best Strip: Figueroa or York?

A: Figueroa

Best Pizza: Town or Triple Beam?

A: Town

Best Go-To Spot for Good Time: Highland Park Bowl or Good Housekeeping?

A: Good Housekeeping

Best Coffee: Civil or Collage?

AC: My two favorites! I could never choose one over the other.

Angela’s passion for her clients and her neighborhood are what make her such a valuable member of our TRG family.

Check out her current listings on our website.

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