10 Things To Check For In Your Apartment Hunt

10 Things To Check For In Your Apartment Hunt

If you’re looking to move, you’ve probably made a checklist of must-haves for your next apartment hunt. Many of us are concerned with having a good location, parking, plenty of space, the list goes on–but there are many things we neglect to lookout for that could potentially have a larger impact when living in your new apartment.

While Reddit, a site that functions as the source of all things new and entertaining on the Internet, perhaps wouldn’t be the first place you’d look to get advise on apartment-hunting, we came across a thread discussing what to ask and look out for when searching for your next place. A user named “DeaconNuno” compiled the Reddit community’s best responses into a long list of “42 Rules of Apartment Rental“. We did a read through of the rules and found some essential tips that you may have not thought of, but could save you a lot of time and hassle on your apartment-hunt. Here’s our favorite Top 10 Rules from the list:

  1. Check for cell reception.
  2. Drive through the area during rush hour if commuting via car.
  3. What’s in close walking distance? (food, bars, stores, etc)
  4. Bring a socket tester and test all outlets. Also make sure there are enough outlets in each room, and enough 3-prong ones.
  5. Check the water pressure on cold, on hot, on both, and how long it takes to get warm.
  6. Make sure you’re completely clear on all terms of the lease and know what utilities you’ll be paying and what payment method you’ll need to use.
  7. Find out the policy on smoking, pets, noise, and visitors.
  8. Make sure there’s an Internet provider suitable to your preferences.
  9. An apartment with laundry facilities will save you money. If they don’t have them, check the prices/quality of the nearest ones.
  10. Look up crime statistics for the area and ask the police how often they have been called to the street/complex in the last 6 months.

That’s just our two cents! Comment below if you have more helpful tips to share! For the original Reddit article, check out “42 Rules of Apartment Rental“.

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Happy Hunting!

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