The Rental Girl is a premiere full-service real estate sales and leasing agency with neighborhood branches throughout Los Angeles. Each branch is run by an independent and dynamic duo: one of our top notch leasing agents and her sales partner. Together, they can assist with all your leasing and sales needs in your neighborhood.

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The Rental Girl is local. She lives, works and relaxes in your neighborhood. She knows the local hot spots, the secret spots, the new restaurants opening up, the neighborhood politics – her neighborhood is her home, her work, and her passion.

OUR LEASING AGENTS only take listings in their neighborhood. If you have a listing in another part of town, she will refer you to The Rental Girl leasing agent who specializes in that area. Los Angeles is a huge city and specializing in her specific neighborhood gives The Rental Girl agent a huge advantage. Every day, your agent meets and communicates with hundreds of renters looking to move into YOUR neighborhood. She knows what amenities they are looking for, what they are willing to spend and what makes them tick. The Rental Girl can give you valuable advice on setting the right price, choosing the right renovations and preparing your vacancy.

OUR SALES AGENTS also specialize in their neighborhood, and each of our leasing agents has teamed up with a top producing sales agent in their neighborhood. She too lives there and does the majority of her work there. However, our sales agents can perform sales anywhere in the city. Many of our investors are looking for deals or properties with specific criteria, and these properties are not always limited geographically. Because of this, our sales agents will go where you need to go.

When you team up with The Rental Girl, you are not just hiring an agent to do a job – you are beginning a long-term relationship. We are more interested in what your long term goals and needs are. We don't just fill vacancies fast. We secure leases that align with your goals for your property. We can assist you today with your vacancy, and we will be here for all your future real estate needs.

The Rental Girl leasing agents are California Licensed Real Estate Agents. They work full-time, 6 days a week. Our leasing agents are industrious and independent contractors who do what it takes to get the job done. And they know exactly how to do it. Unlike property management companies and landlords/investors, The Rental Girl understands what renters want. The biggest mistake landlords make when advertising their properties is to market their rental to themselves or to "buyers". Renters have completely different interests and lifestyles than those looking to buy. The Rental Girl agents are young investors themselves. They understand these interests and can effectively market your property accordingly.

From marketing to lease signing, The Rental Girl agents are highly educated and informed on the entire process. Before becoming an official agent at The Rental Girl, each agent attends 6 months to 1 year of training at The Rental Girl University; our proprietary and intensive schooling is aimed to take an experienced leasing agent and mold them into The Rental Girl.

Additionally, to maintain their expertise all agents participate in or are members of the following:

  • Weekly Team Meetings at The Rental Girl headquarters
  • Weekly one-on-one Broker/Agent meetings
  • Weekly one-on-one Agent/Agent accountability meetings
  • Bimonthly Q&A meetings with our Real Estate Attorney
  • Quarterly on-going education courses and seminars
  • Local apartment owners associations
  • California Apartment Association member

Throughout the year, we receive many resume submissions from agents wishing to work with The Rental Girl, but only a few qualify and meet our high standards and expectations, and even fewer survive our intensive training program. The result is a serious, dedicated, knowledgeable and intensely motivated leasing agent. When you hire The Rental Girl, you are hiring the cream of the crop – that is our guarantee to you. gets 40k unique visitors a month. We are one of the top reviewed leasing agencies in Los Angeles, and we have more positive reviews than any other leasing agency in LA. Our proprietary marketing structure puts our brand and listings in front of more renters than our competitors. We have a highly regarded social media presence – so much so that we are often called by the news media to comment on rental-related topics. Our VIP database tracks on average 22k renters who have signed up to receive our listings via email for free. When you list your rental with The Rental Girl, you'll have access to pre-screened and qualified renters searching for YOUR rental.

But The Rental Girl's connections are not limited to the internet, technology, and marketing. The Rental Girl agents are connected the old fashioned way – they know people who know people who know people who always know people looking for a place to rent.

It is our mission to assure that every renter looking to move into your neighborhood sees your listing.

First, let us help you with your immediate need: Are you searching for an investment property? We can help. Looking to purchase a new home for yourself and then rent out your current home? We can help you with both. Are you in escrow, purchasing an investment property, and need comparable market rents? We can help. Do you have an upcoming vacancy and need advice for renovations and preparing for a tenant? We can help with that, too. And we can even give you a list of recommended contractors to assist. Do you have a vacancy now and need help renting it out? No problem, we can help. Helping you with your real estate needs – That's what we are here for.

From advising you on renovations, photographing the property, advertising your vacancy, scheduling appointments and showings, screening tenants, preparing the lease and city-required paperwork, collecting 1st month's rent and deposit, to handling the lease signing and assisting tenants with move-in issues – The Rental Girl does it all!Contact The Rental Girl Agent in Your Neighborhood

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