The Rental Girl turnkey service involves the entire leasing process, from the time your property is available to rent up until the lease has been signed. We ask you to sign a one month exclusive agreement with us and we charge a flat rate one-time fee once the lease is signed. Though our leasing service ends at this point, your agent and her team are available to assist you with future real estate needs. Whether you're looking to buy a home for yourself, or acquiring additional income property for your portfolio, or selling a property – The Rental Girl is here to help.

One of the most common questions we get from clients is "Where do you find such great tenants so fast?" Everyone wants to know where we advertise. The answer, however, is not in the "where" but in the "how" we market and advertise.

Without a doubt, the single most influential aspect of our marketing is us! The Rental Girl is an established company with an established reputation. We have a fantastic local neighborhood and web presence, an organic SEO, and an impressive network of referrals.

Example: Saturday Rent Crawl
There are many components to how we have networked and built a presence. One way is through our Saturday Rent Crawl. Every Saturday, The Rental Girl agents show all our properties back to back. Not only do we attract current renters looking to move, but we have many fans of The Rental Girl who join us for Rent Crawl because they love looking at our properties. During Rent Crawl, we are posting on social media, renters are posting on social media, and the word gets out: The Rental Girl has fabulous properties.

Example: Press and Media
Because The Rental Girl is well known as a leader of our industry, we often get called upon by press and media outlets to be used as a source for housing beat and rental related news stories. We have been featured in and on: LA Times, KTLA, KPCC, NPR, HGTV, LACurbed among others. How does this help you? The more exposure we have, the more exposure your listing gets.

Creating and nurturing ideas like this is what we do and we work on it relentlessly. The Rental Girl is constantly growing and improving, and so is our brand presence.

The Rental Girl agents know that just because our marketing places your listing on every major rental network, local and national, this fact alone is not going to lease out your property to a qualified renter faster than if you solely put a For Rent sign in your yard. So we pay attention to details: photos - both quality and quantity, and descriptions - the words we are choosing to invite tenants into an experience of your home. These are some of the details we obsess over.

Example: 3D Virtual Tours
We strive to make the renter's experience with as simple and user-friendly as possible. To do this, we stay on top of the technology to implement the latest, most innovative tools around. Our most recent addition is 3D Virtual Tours, which allows renters to virtually walk through a vacancy without leaving their home. 3D Virtual Tour is similar to Google Street View or a first person video game. We are the first agency in Los Angeles to offer 3D tours on all our listings.

Why do renters love and trust The Rental Girl? Because we consistently produce quality rentals and properties they love. Some leasing agencies strive to have the most comprehensive list of vacancies on their site. We strive for quality over quantity. We consistently attract quality tenants and quality properties.

Where advertising and marketing is more of an art than a science, when it comes to tenant screening, we have a systematic and detailed approach. Fair housing laws are pretty specific on what a landlord can and cannot ask for and do. We have consulted with the top real estate attorneys and property managers in this area to formulate our rigorous tenant screening procedure. When we survey past clients, our tenant screening is consistently mentioned as one of the most valuable services we provide.

The Rental Girl is
pledged to the letter and the spirit of the U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity in the neighborhoods we represent and throughout the nation. We encourage, support and only participate in affirmative tenant screening, advertising and marketing programs in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

When you contract The Rental Girl to rent your property, you have the option of using our real estate attorney-approved rental leases and forms. We make sure you are providing your tenant with all the city and state required disclosures and that the lease is the most current and up to date. Many real estate agents use the standard California Association of Realtor Lease. This lease does not address local city-wide rental ordinances and laws. Additionally, local and state laws are constantly changing. Local court rulings often challenge commonly accepted interpretations of codes. Therefore, it is important you have an updated lease that accounts for local court trends and rulings, is current on city and state laws, and is specific for the city and county in which your property resides.

It's all about the Agent.

There are many components and attributes to what we do, how we do it, and why. Above all this, and at the heart, is your agent. Before our agents are trained, they are hand-selected for one specific pivotal characteristic: a positive attitude.

Why is The Rental Girl so good? It's not because hundreds of past clients have said so, or because of our proven track record. It's because The Rental Girl agent knows without hesitation that she is the best, that she can do her job perfectly and achieve the best results for her client.

You can strip away our brand, our technology, our marketing systems and be left with just our agent to do the job. It's the confidence and positive mental attitude of our agent that gets your vacancy filled.

Whether you have a vacancy in Hollywood or San Diego, when you hire The Rental Girl you can do so with the confidence and understanding that the level of service provided will be the same. The Rental Girl's standards of excellence is core to each agent's performance and is evident throughout the entire leasing process.

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