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Looking to move in and around Los Angeles? You must check out Real Rock ‘n’ Roll Movers. They’re rockers. They’re musicians. They’re awesome. We love them. We refer them all the time and get great feedback from our clients. And two of our very own have used their services with great success:

I used Real Rock n Roll Movers for my most recent move a few months ago. These guys were easy to book, showed up on time, they were careful with my stuff. They’re smart, conscientious guys, they are not lazy. Don’t be put off by their long hair and tank tops. They know what they are doing. They were enthusiastic and friendly and bottom line they did a great job.” -Paula, The Rental Girl

I found out my landlord was selling my house a few days before I was going to be gone for a weeklong vacation. Even though I had the time prior, I knew it was going to be a tight move when I got back, but Real Rock n Roll movers saved the day. I was able to book and pay them in advance. My mom met them on moving day. RRnR even packed up some miscellaneous items I didn’t have time to box up before I left.  I was able to head to work without a single worry – I knew I left the move in good hands. -Jimmy, The Rental Girl

Scott Quist, owner of REAL RocknRoll Movers says:

The vision of REAL RocknRoll is to provide quality moving services to the L.A. community, while also providing flexible employment opportunities to the hardworking musicians of Los Angeles.

As a musician myself, I have total appreciation for the struggles any musician faces in regards to maintaining an income while pursuing a career in music. The goal is to help those musicians who have a good work ethic but can’t maintain a regular work schedule due to touring, rehearsals and recording sessions. We provide them with a chance to make extra cash to help keep the RocknRoll dream alive.

Anyone who hires us for their move can know they will get quality, friendly, reasonably priced service and are also helping artists support themselves. When it comes down to it, everybody wins!

Go ahead and give us a shot! REAL RocknRoll really does ROCK!!!

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