Guest Blogger: 4 Smart Storage Tips for the New Year by Stephanie Hanson from Major D. Clutter

Guest Blogger: 4 Smart Storage Tips for the New Year by Stephanie Hanson from Major D. Clutter

Southern California provides an amazing combination of culture and entertainment. Mix that in with the glorious weather and salt spray of the ocean and many people are sold on living here as soon as they visit. The not-so-amazing thing can be the price of rent. With this in mind, many renters turn to smaller-sized apartments due to the affordability factor. As each year goes by, it seems that our number of possessions doubles! The clutter can seep out into common areas, cluttering up our lovely coffee table, dining room table and various countertops. With 2014 upon us, a little New Year’s consolidation might just be in order, don’t you think? Small spaces in particular provide a unique challenge when it comes to consolidating all those possessions. Use the tips below to make this process less painful and to find a place for all those well-loved items in 2014.

  1. Sneaky Storage: The easiest way to store all your items when stretched for space is to hide them! Foot stools with storage in them provide a great way to store books, remotes, and DVDs that is both easily accessible and out of sight. Another space that is underutilized is under your bed. Rubbermaid bins come in a variety of heights and shapes that will easily fit under a bed. This is a great place to store shoes and less frequently used items.
  2. What’s the Function?: Everything in your apartment should have a function (even if it is just to look pretty). If something doesn’t get used frequently, or ever(!), consider donating or throwing away. To make a small space look larger, give distinct zones for all of your furniture. Items with dual functions are even better. An example of this would be using a long table as a desk, and then when entertaining, transforming it into a dining table.
  3. Use All Space: When looking for places to store things, think floor to ceiling. There are many options for shelving that follow this rule, providing a great place to store books, office supplies, knick knacks, even a TV.
  4. Out with the Old: When you have so much stuff that the above options just don’t seem to cut it — consolidate. Many people dread this step. However, think of it as a reason to go on a shopping spree! Old things that you use rarely to never, donate if they are still in good shape. Then go shopping for functional furniture.

Have more tips for organizing small spaces that you love? Share in a comment below!


IMG_3831The Rental Girl invites Guest Bloggers with unique perspectives and helpful housing-related advice to post on our blog. Stephanie Hanson is a writer for Major D. Clutter, a garage storage and organization company serving people in Ventura county. For more tips on home (or apartment) improvement, visit their corporate blog at:

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