Tenants in Common


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Why We Love TIC

At The Rental Girl we believe all renters should have the possibility of owning property. This possibility is often never realized because the shortage of available real estate has driven up prices making renting the only option.

TIC ownership provides a solution to this problem. TIC ownership allows renters to purchase a rental unit at a low enough price that keeps the monthly mortgage payment comparable to what the rent amount would be. Mortgages can be acquired with as little as 10% down. While living in a TIC unit, the TIC owner is now making a monthly mortgage payment, building equity with each payment, and contributing to his or her future financial security. Down the road when the TIC owner is ready to move on, they can either return the unit back to the rental market and become a landlord, or they can sell the unit to the next future TIC owner – continuing the cycle and allowing another renter the opportunity to become a homeowner.

The beauty of TIC ownership is that it spreads equity more evenly among our community. Instead of one person owning multiple units and monopolizing the equity, equity will be spread among multiple people - affording those who are often excluded from this opportunity the benefits of homeownership.

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