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TRG Realty Company & The Rental Girl is one of the most top reviewed real estate agencies in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on providing highly personable and quality service. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and look forward to your positive review!

"So what can I say about these 2 amazing women? Here is how it went down:

I reached out to them because I had a great experience renting one of my properties with The Rental Girls. I looked up some of their sales agents and really like Mona and Brita. Met with them and gave them crazy demands and crazy timelines. It was a "do all this by this time or I am out." There were many reasons why I wanted to sell by end of year "Trump" being one of the main ones. They didn't even flinch at my demands, in my experience that means 1 of 2 things. Either they are faking it or they really know what they're doing. They told me what I needed to do (list of things to get the property where it needed to be for open house..You gotta spend money to make money) and then they told me what they can do. Here is the deal I obviously didn't want to come out of pocket on anything, but I trusted their expertise. My house went on market on Friday morning by Tuesday night I had an offer that was $30k over asking so I can take the property off the market and guess what, that is what closed at in the exact time I asked them to close.

I had a great experience with Brita an Mona, they are super responsive, which is why having 2 is better than one. They kept me up to date on everything and yes it was sweet deal and I am so happy I got to work with them. I look forward to working with them again and will recommend them to anyone else!

p.s. Brita and Mona thanks for the gift for the baby she looks super cute in the outfit :)"
—Isai C.
"Where would my husband and I be without Mona and Brita? The answer is most definitely nowhere near where we wanted to be! We really wanted to buy a house because our rent was ridiculous and we wanted "the house." Y'know - a yard for the dog, a garage for the husband, and nice big windows for me. I was getting sick of apartment living, but wanted to stay close to my favorite spots (aka Eastside, the best side.)

I was in charge of find out our agent/s and the first few we initially spoke with just flat out blew off our dream neighborhoods. One lady said there was NO WAY we'd get a house in any of those hoods. "But how 'bout the Valley?" No disrespect to the Valley, but our jobs are just TOO FAR AWAY. So, with even lower confidence than I did in the beginning (which was already pretty damn low), I kept looking.

Eventually, I found these two ladies. They looked really friendly, plus I was always a fan of TRG's quirky website, so I sent them the same inquiring email with our low budget and our dream hoods, fully expecting them to say the same thing to us and crush our dreams of home-ownership forever. But it was quite the opposite! They were positive all the way, from that very first phone call up to the third time we got outbid on a house. They never give up on us.

They presented us all our options, as well as other neighborhoods we may have ignored in the beginning. They asked questions during open houses that we probably wouldn't have. We texted and called them way more than normal people should and they were always so helpful and accommodating. My husband and I probably said, "SO glad we have Mona and Brita right now" to each other so many times, especially when we faced our toughest hurdles during the load process. Many agents we've come across (when we first did open houses by ourselves, stupidly enough) often seemed too "professional" and salesman-like. Mona and Brita were extremely professional, but they will also treat you like an actual, breathing human being. Anyway, the moral of this long review is to go with Mona and Brita with absolute certainty. We had a not-so-impressive budget and very anxious parents, but look at us now, we are proud homeowners in the loveliest neighborhood. And they made it happen! We recommend them fully."
—Rozette R.
"Mona and Brita worked with me on two real estate negotiations last year. The first was a sale of my multi unit property in Highland Park. They brought in an investor and we sold it off–market. It was the easiest transaction due to Mona and Brita’s competence and amazing attitude! THEN, they managed to find me my dream Eichler home in Granada Hills, CA. There were multiple offers, but Mona and Brita made it happen! They listened to all my needs as a buyer and seller. I would recommend this team in a heartbeat. Ask Mona and Brita to find you a house and they will…so you better be ready for it!"
—Claudia B.
"Don't look any further, hire Mona & Brita!
When starting my east side housing search over a year ago, I knew I would eventually find a place to call home. I never thought I would pick up two life long friends in the process. Purchasing my first home as a single woman was an exciting and invigorating challenge marked with several road blocks. Mona and Brita were there every step of the way to talk me through home buying territory. Their expert negotiation skills and honest reliable reputation amongst other realtors is what ultimately sealed the deal on my dream property.
To this day I still have them both on speed dial for home advice or just an afternoon coffee to catch up.
Mona and Brita are the epitome of strong female business owners with the perfect balance of client service, area knowledge, humor, and grit. Anyone would be lucky to work with them."
—Kate M.
"Mona and Brita were amazing! To start off we were working with 3 different agents as we didn't have a great relationship with any and wanted to make sure we picked the best. Mona and Brita delivered. They were patient, helpful, informative, and always open to our unusual requests. I would recommend them to anyone."
—Jimmy G.
"Our path to finding a house in LA was long. We bid on countless houses only to be outbid time and time again (many times by all cash offers. argh!). But Mona and Brita remained positive and swore we'd find the perfect house for us. They even gave up their Sundays to do the open house thing with us for months until we finally found our house. They also made the intimidating and overwhelming buying process low stress and relatively painless. But most of all, they're just honest, nice people. No tricks or games. Can't say enough good things about them. By the way, we freaking LOVE our house!"
—Damien F.
"A friend recommended Mona and Brita to my partner and I, and we were so thankful to have met them. Mona and Brita were able to meet us quickly and on short notice. They were a delight upon every interaction and meeting. They helped make our home buying process more fun, smooth, and less painful. Available to us to answer our questions during the process, and everything in between. The only thing bad about a fast escrow is that we miss being able to regularly talk to them! Can't recommend them enough if you are looking for knowledgeable, fun, patient, accessible, and competent agents."
—Katy S.
"Mona & Brita are THE BEST! Honest, fun and hard-working! They helped my husband and I find our perfect home and spent months going to open houses with us. They made the home buying process super easy and are extremely knowledgeable about Los Angeles neighborhoods. I recommend to all my friends and I highly recommend them here!"
—Grasie M.
"I can't say enough positive things to express the amazing experience we have had in working with Mona & Brita! With their savvy knowledge of Los Angeles neighborhoods and schools and finesse in dealing with sellers and their fellow agents - they are among the very best realtors in LA. They truly love real estate and helping people find what is right for them - you are in the best hands with Mona and Brita!"
—Susannah C.
"I totally recommend them, really nice and super helpful. Very trustworthy and always are fighting for the best deal! They are always looking out for the client's needs. I'm really happy with them!"
—Rita M.
"Given the current real estate market is so hot, I thought I was in for at least a yearlong search and multiple bids for a home. I ended up getting the first house I put an offer on just shy of three months of looking and I believe it was largely in part because Mona and Brita are just so great at what they do. They were knowledgeable about the various areas of LA and pricing trends among those places. They showed up to every open house with me to get a sense of what I liked vs what I didn't like and to help educate me on what was good (or not so good) about the houses I was looking at. When we finally found my current home, they were there to talk me through the process, help move things along with the seller's agent, ensure I felt ok about everything, attended the inspections with me and all in all made sure I felt 150% about the home. They are so educated on the market and also know where to go for all the little things that pop up during the escrow process - contractors, inspectors, etc. They made my home buying process such a positive experience. I'd recommend them 10x over!"
—Alisann B.
"Brita and Mona made the sale of my condo very simple. They worked courteously with my tenants and after only one open house I had three offers - two over asking price."
—Jason F.
"We have been through various real estate transactions and we have never worked with such awesome agents like yourselves. You two are incredibly professional and reliable! We appreciate your constant communication, attention to detail and always going out of your way to make our transaction as smooth as possible. You two have it right…keep up the good work! Thanks again Mona and Brita! Look forward to working with you on our next real estate transaction."
—Connie & Eric G.
"Mona and Brita represented our family trust this summer and were awesome. Their knowledge of the Atwater area and networking within the real estate community resulted in a 5-day sale of the property and 111k over asking price. They were passionate about the property and focused on the positives there. Mona and Brita communicated with us regularly and were honest and candid in their advice and strategy. They are worth every cent of their commissions...Bravo ladies!"
—Peter V.


"Missy was a wonderful rental agent and a pleasure to work with. She always kept us informed and up to date. She was always very nice. She was straight forward and helped us in every way possible. Thank you Missy and thank you rental girl!"
— Robby G.


"My experience with Missy at The Rental Girl was phenomenal!

My husband and I were moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, and were pretty worried about finding a place we liked. We were tired of paying the high prices in the area and wanted something cute and affordable and after searching all over the place, I stumbled upon The Rental Girl thanks to craigslist!

I promptly told my husband that this was the site we would use for apartment hunting (a bunch of awesome ladies taking the LA real estate by storm? yes please!) and found one we loved that day and I was quickly in contact. Missy was fast to respond and such a breeze to work with. We met her at a small open house at the apartment and we fell in love and I always felt Missy was on my side, willing to help me achieve what I wanted. She was flexible and always in communication.

Thanks to her, we got the apartment! We absolutely love it and wish we could just work with Missy all the time on many other things. She made our move less stressful, she was always friendly and punctual and kind and professional, she is the IDEAL person to have handle big life changes and I'm so glad I found her/The Rental Girl. Even now, after moving into the apartment, she's checked in with me to make sure everything is going well.

If I ever need to rent again or even buy, I will always go to Missy first!"
— Ashley S.


"From start to finish Robyn made the house hunting process absolutely painless. She was attentive, informative and prompt. Her willingness to communicate via text was a huge bonus as I maintain long work hours. Her knowledge of the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles dually lends itself to native Angelinos as well as relocaters. She made every effort to accommodate our preferences and schedules. Her professionalism and customer service were refreshing and greatly appreciated. I reccomend her without reservation."
— Anna R.


"Missy has been very helpful so far and made viewing the property we desire possible on two occasions."
— Jordan W.


"Alexis was incredibly accommodating, helping communicate with the current tenants of our dream home for a viewing asap. She knew everything about the property, was a pleasure to talk to, and was always available afterwards for any questions we had about the property, the neighbors, and the application. Keep her around!"
— Jesse s.