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Wondering where the fabulous vendor recommendations below come from? They are independent contractors and companies that we or our clients have used in the past. They did a good job for us and our clients, so we're recommending them to you. We do not get any referral fees or kickbacks if you hire them, nor do they work or represent us. Hire and vet at your discretion. What is a "good or affordable" job to one, may not be to another. Please do your due diligence when hiring any contractor or company to work on your property.

Henry Harris: 323-664-4250
Eddy Valasquez: 310-594-0235
Brian Moody: 818-421-2740
Julio: 818-573-4261
Rick Notham: 323-806-6877
Daniel Hinman: 424-645-4540

Angel Hernandez: 310-991-1107
Jesus Ramirez: 323-377-9524
Troy Barrett: 732-861-7047
Cesar: 323-470-6295
Angel: 323-470-6295
Enrique: 818-859-5291
Israel: 818-625-5395

Mario Gande: 323-821-3379
South Bay Electric: 310-404-1508
Southland Builders: 323 254-1400

Low Cost Rooter (aka Kenny the Great): 323-810-9575
Patrick's Drainology: 310-398-2007
Bob Hunter: 818-249-8458
Bob's Rooter & Plumbing: 323-664-2627

Angel Hernandez: 310-991-1107
Kevin Planeta: 323-240-2326

LA Top Roofing: 323-509-7774
Robert Zarate: 714-318-7194

Apex Building: 323-587-3556

John (UNIK Hardwood Floors): 323-833-7333
Rolands Hardwood Floors: 818-261-8780
Mike (Uniq Carpet): 310-753-5410
Mauricio's Hardwood Floors: 323 552-2087
Jimmy Tena: 213-999-4743
Terry Abshire: 805-358-8772

Mike (Casa Appliance): 818-457-1177

Emin: 626-398-6877
D and D: 818-957-7768
Javier Salazar: 323 383-2122

William Eichenberger (LA Builder Construction): 310-403-1294

Javier Salazar: 323 383-2122

Lillian Montalvo: Lilian Montavlo Design
Lora Hall: Full Circle Gardening
Garden Natives (Sydney Harrington): 626-536-0691
Robert Longacle: 626-232-9664
Ivan: 818-312-0718
Francisco: 323-669-1027

Matters of Space: mattersofspace.com 323-743-3267

Barbara Bestor Architecture: 323-666-9399

Rosie & Tomi: 213-864-2752
Fanny: 818-220-5360
Carla and Josefina: 213-446-8559 or 323-663-3792

Eviction Attorney: David Dantes, 818-386-9333
Financial Advisers: Rob Menz, RJM Financial, 323-522-6941
1031 Exchange: Downstream Exchange, 626-796-1031

Randall Akers: Residential Consulting for Zoning/Codes, 805-990-0349
Phillip Kaainoa: Commercial & Residential Consulting for Zoning/Codes, 213-247-2986

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