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Robyn Joy

Robyn Joy

Downtown and Eastside LA

London. Pittsburgh. DC. Philly. These cities mourn the loss of Robyn Joy, and LA reaps the treasure. She fell in love with the City of Angels, its people, and the great mix of architecture, and thus a star of property investments and real estate was born. Before heading West with her dog Salem, Robyn Joy got her B.A. in Visual Communication from London’s Regents University, then she tatted a name for herself as a graphic and tattoo design artist in our political capital. Robyn Joy’s sleeves tell the story of a woman with a taste for adventure. She has worked with independent record labels and toured with Murder by Death, a Johnny Cash-meets-Nick Cave kind of band, with an electric cello blend. She can tell you all about it over beer and tots at Cole’s (the century-old bar downtown). Or you can talk welding, of which she’s a novice (but is making grandma proud with a menagerie of salt & pepper shakers that she’s made). In between suds, she’ll hook you up with new downtown digs. By helping people find their perfect spot, she’s building community in a changing urban landscape. “Everything always changes,” she says. “So make sure to enjoy the good when it’s happening and remember the bad is temporary.” (Wiser words, RJ…)

BRE Lic. #: 02007055