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Jasmine Ward

Jasmine Ward

Los Feliz & Atwater Village

A powerhouse among twenty-somethings, Jasmine was lured into the industry after serving almost 6 years in the US Air Force. Then in her sophomore year of Fashion School, she co-created a glossy lifestyle mag where she was Editor-in-Chief and she’s currently designing an art show that shines light on social justice. Jasmine was first attracted to real estate for the relationships and connections that are created here. She is a SoCal native, which shows through her laid-back vibe and belief in approaching life with a light-heart and love. When not perusing through boutiques in Los Feliz, she’s donating her time to non-profits. What’s undeniable about Jasmine is her love for humanity, her insatiable appetite for exploration and curiosity and her passion for community. We’re lucky to have her!

BRE Lic. #: 02005995