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Angela Campos

Angela Campos

Northeast LA

Angela fits right in with a mix of hipsters, hippies and family folk in LA’s newest mecca for those seeking a more eclectic and independent haven. It doesn’t take long to discover her enthusiasm for ridiculously delicious eats and hidden-away vintage finds. So far, she’s got two tattoos that she’ll tell about. Patience curls around her wrist, a reminder for how she wishes to be; less visible is the flock of sparrows, representing her family. Born in SoCal, she grew up in the South Bay area and has lived all over Los Angeles. At heart, Angela has always belonged in real estate. She’s done it all, from escrow, to loan processing, to property management--and she is stoked to be in the Highland Park and NELA areas, where she’ll cast some of her natural sunshine on her rental properties. In life, she says, “It’s all empty and meaningless until YOU give it meaning.” What fulfills her--in and outside of the biz--is helping others achieve their dreams...and at The Rental Girl, she’s found a way to blend who she is with what she does.

BRE Lic. #: 01956388