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Julie Serber
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TRG Realty Company & The Rental Girl is one of the most top reviewed real estate agencies in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on providing highly personable and quality service. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and look forward to your positive review!

""We were nervous moving from New York to Los Angeles, but The Rental Girl helped us every step of the way. I would recommend this service without hesitation.""
—Alec M.
"My name is Tiffanee Brown and my sisters and I were luckily introduced to The Rental Girl when my sister called about a rental listing of hers on Westside Rentals. From the moment we met her, she was both professional and welcoming. She showed the house to us and answered all of our millions of questions. When we found out that the owner chose to go with our application, The Rental Girl led us through the process seamlessly. We felt that she was looking out for not only our nterests, but also the owners as well. The walk- through was very thorough, which we truly appreciated. The Rental Girl was wonderful throughout the whole process and even gave us a referral for renter's insurance ( which we later acquired). Once again, she is a great agent and we were lucky to have found her.
Tiffanee Brown"
—Tiffanee B.
"I just wanted to let you know how great The Rental Girl was during the process of leasing our current home. I felt like she was a true advocate for both the renter and landlord. She very patiently (and enthusiastically) walked us through the entire process. She made what had become a very stressful process, much more bearable. Many, many thanks to The Rental Girl."
—Brandee B.
"Just a quick note to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with The Rental Girl as she walked my daughter and her roomates through the new rental process! We were really up against a serious time crunch in addition to spending MONTHS looking for a rental for these young ladies and The Rental Girl helped expedite the process and kept us appraised every step of the way in a very timely and honest fashion. Her follow up emails and phone calls and the ease in which we were able to complete contracts from out of the area were appreciated. She treated the young ladies with respect and was very thorough on the whole process as well as the with the final walk through. Thank you again....wish we had met her sooner, it would have saved months of aggravation!
Sheri Hoover
Jenna Hoover"
—Sheri & Jenna H.
"I just wanted to Thank You sincerely for your support, guidance and true care during the customer journey that we accomplished thanks to You. The way you clarified the rental process, always stayed in touch, set right expectations and gave us lots of insightful information - all this speaks of you as of professional.
I work in the company that is aspired to be the most player focused company in the world. I may say that you, The Rental Girl, truly are the customer focused professional rental agent that I would be glad to recommend to my circle of friends and colleagues.
Our pleasure and regards,
Sergey & Natalie Rudenko"
—Sergey & Nataliya R.
"The Rental Girl gave me the best renting experience I could ever ask for! The Rental Girl was so quick with every thing and made it all so easy. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone."
—Laura L.
"I just signed my lease last week on my dream home thanks to The Rental Girl! The Rental Girl website allowed me to see a video walk-through of the place before I went to see it in person and because of that, I was able to come prepared to the viewing with my application and paperwork all completed and ready to go. She answered all my questions and helped me give my future landlord everything they would need in order to accept my application. Within a week of seeing the place in person I was signing my lease! I'm moving in this week and I couldn't be happier. Thank you The Rental Girl!"
—Lindsey B.
"I had a really easy experience renting a gorgeous and unique property in West Hollywood. The Rental Girl was lovely and very attentive. These gals are so much better than going through an online rental listing site. I highly recommend!"
—Marie T.
"Really a fantastic experience. We were in a bit of a bind in moving out of our old place when we stumbled across a listing from The Rental Girl, and we couldn't have been any luckier. Not only did we find a great place (and from my research on their site, the pick winners to represent), but having basically a real estate agent for apartment rentals was a real blessing. They were very knowledgeable about our property, and were always quick to respond to any questions. When it came time for paperwork and all the official business, they were on top of everything, and were just as concerned with our interests as they were the property owners.

AND ITS FREE FOR PEOPLE LOOKING TO RENT! Can you ask for anything more?!

I've already recommend The Rental Girl to many friends, check em out!"
—Alex E.
"Apartment hunting in LA sucks -- it's competitive, everything that looks great is expensive, and listings are misleading (as in - why does a search for Echo Park give me 25 listings for K-Town??) But then I found The Rental Girl! The listings are fun and conversational and give you a good feel for the apartment. I found my perfect 1-bedroom, and contacted The Rental Girl -- she was awesome about being very responsive to my communication and running my credit quickly, as well as being flexible with times to meet. But almost more importantly, she was so kind and reassuring and fun to work with! She helped turn a stressful hassle into a great experience!"
—Michelle W.
"I had a great experience using The Rental Girl. She was informative, communicative, professional, and simply pleasant to work with. She was thorough in making sure both the owner and I were satisfied with the details of the apartment. During the initial walk-through, she also made sure to note any deficiencies (which were few), communicated them to the landlord (which were promptly taken care of), and took plenty of pictures. Getting in contact with her was easy (either by phone, text, email), and being able to use DocuSign for the lease terms was a nice touch since my availability was limited. Their website was great, too. It's nice to see a realty company keeping up to date with modern tools.

I am happy with my new place in Santa Monica and would definitely use The Rental Girl again."
—Michael D.
"GREAT experience. The Rental Girl was very kind and accommodating. She always responded to my e-mails very promptly and she was also able to get me moved in the very short notice time frame without any stress. HIGHLY recommend using The Rental Girl."
—Eric M.
"We had a really great experience with The Rental Girl. We had to find an apartment on very short notice - we moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast - and we only had a few days to look at places before we had to go back to wrap up our affairs.

She showed us an excellent apartment in a neighborhood that was convenient to work. We were able to complete the paperwork after we returned to the East Coast before we moved in, which was really important. The whole experience was easy, fair and professional."
—Stephen S.
"The Rental Girl was awesome. Very organized, professional and always on time. Easy to work with - got me a great place. Thanks!!"
—Thai C.
"I had a great experience with The Rental Girl. She was very patient with my questions and followed up on all points. I would recommend this service as a leasing tool, no complaints."
—Beth H.
"I've used The Rental Girl 2x - once 2 years ago to rent a furnished apartment in Los Feliz and just recently to rent a beautiful home in Toluca Woods. Both experiences were similar in terms of their promptness, courtesy, attention to detail and - in the case of the furnished rental - assistance with minor repairs, etc.

It helped that their application is accessible online which makes the process that much easier if you want to move quickly. I went to the appointment prepared to apply and once I submitted my application, The Rental Girl was quick to run my credit and call my references. It was a matter of maybe two days until I knew that my son and I had a place to live. She was very accommodating with the lease signing, key exchange and walk-through as well.

I'd also mention that while you do see rentals that are listed on Craig's List and West Side Rentals on their site, there are a number of rentals that are NOT listed on other sites - particularly houses or larger properties. It really did pay to continually look on their site daily - I got something that I never would have found with more traditional rental sites.

Regarding the furnished rental - Liz and her husband actually took care of the maintenance of the apartment and any time I had any issues with the place they took care of it promptly..and properly. I had some additional requests regarding the place that Liz also helped facilitate. Their great "customer service" was one of the reasons that a 2 month temporary rental turned into a year long lease.

I have recommended The Rental Girl to many friends and also know several who have used them and we're all very pleased with the service. If I do need another rental, they will always be my go to website."
—Teri K.
"I just moved into my new apartment which I love. The Rental Girl made the whole process go so smoothly. Any issues I had with the lease or apartment, she worked it all out with the landlord. It was just a great professional performance! I will definitely use this service again.

It is definitely 5 stars!!!"
—Jacqueline C.
"We just rented a place through The Rental Girl, and it was a great experience! Our agent was super flexible and thorough. We were travelling a lot during the application and lease negotiation period, and she made sure everything went smoothly. Very professional, easy online lease, and a great website with tons of good photos!"
—Jimmy G.
"I recently rented a work space in Sherman Oaks. The Rental Girl helped me and she was more than helpful. It was so unusual to have someone call you back within minutes. When it came to seeing the space, seeing it again..and again then signing papers she made my available times work for her. I also appreciated her personable touch in that finding a work space was a very difficult and a personal process and she was open and interested in hearing what I was looking for. I felt she was a great rep for both the owner and now the renter. It took a normal sometimes difficult process and even made it fun. Does she own the company? Not sure but really invested in the work. I don't think I've had a renting experience like this one ever. And I am a renter!
Suzanne E.
Happy artist"
—Suzanne E.
"I had a great experience with Rental Girl. I tried on my own to find a good location but kept finding rentals that were not even suitable for habitation. She showed me one property and it was love at first sight! I would use The Rental Girl again. Lots of personal attention!"
—Hellen C.
"The Rental Girl is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant stress it enough people! Polite, respectful, pleasant, punctual, pro-you, fast; you'll just have to have the privilege to work with her, if the area your interested in pertains to her.

We found the best place for us and our Pets super quick with The Rental Girl. We had to move out our home due to the proprietor of the home wanting to sell promptly.

The Rental Girl knows great people, so they hire only the best!

Thank you so much, your're the Best!

Vanessa and Eddie"
—Eddie M.
"Totally loved working with The Rental Girl! The apartments they have listed are head and shoulders above what I was looking at before I found The Rental Girl. Very professional, responsive, informed and helpful. I felt secure in the fact that they had a good relationship with the owner and were reputable. The Rental Girl was great!!"
—Elise D.
"Worked with The Rental Girl on an apartment in Venice. The rental was a bit tricky, and she made the process easy, clear and concise. We have a great landlord and fully believe that she screens the landlords as well as they screen tenants. I would not hesitate to send friends to The Rental Girl, and if we move again I will seek her out again. What could have been a long complicated process was easy and quick. Take a look at the properties and know they are worth the money..."
—Chris T.
"I rented an amazing apartment in Venice from The Rental Girl in September.

As a tenant, it was great to work with her because she was kind and professional, made herself available on my schedule, and was very quick in moving paperwork along and keeping me posted on the status of my application. When we moved in, she was super thorough, going through every nook and cranny of the apartment to make sure nothing was wrong with the place before she and the landlord handed over the keys.

The Rental Girl was also extremely thorough with our background check, calling multiple personal references, my employer, and my previous landlords.

I'd highly recommend The Rental Girl to tenants and property owners alike."
—Lisa I.
"The Rental Girl is very nice and great to work with. And damn, these girls definitely have good taste. Especially considering the hoards of crap I've had to waste my time to go see in the past 2 months.

Prices are a little high but I'll definitely be back when I'm making a little bit more in a year or two.

Highly recommend!"
—Sarah E.
"Made our move smooth as can be, very professional and quick to response. Found a great place on the west side thanks Rental Girl.

The website looks great also with high quality images."
—Sean F.
"We had a good experience with The Rental Girl. She was very helpful, extremely thorough and professional. Signature of the lease was done in electronic form, which proved super convenient. The whole process from seeing the house to signing the lease was completed in just two days. We would not hesitate to recommend her."
—Joel D.
"We found The Rental Girl via Westside Rentals and had a great experience working with her. She was extremely professional, honest and fair. She seemed to have our best interests as well as our landlord's best interests in mind. She quickly responded to emails and calls and was always happy to answer our questions. The Rental Girl application process was thorough but we felt secure dealing with The Rental Girl as a legitimate business vs. handing over our information to a random landlord from Craigslist."
—Angela S.
"The Rental Girl group is awesome! The Westside Rental Girl really worked with us and the landlord to create a beautiful relationship to go along with our new beautiful home. We LOVE our new home, and without her it never would have been ours. The Rental Girl is a great group of professional, trustworthy, dedicated, nice people, who really know how to get the job done, and make it that much easier on you. Thanx Ladies!!"
—Cynthia N.
"ack! just remembering looking for an apt without rental girl gives me the shivers. i started relying on rental girl when i was searching for my last place, mainly because of the photos. there are a LOT of photos of each property- many more than westside rentals or craiglist. i can not convey how helpful this was- anyone who has searched for an apt in LA is familiar with the experience of seeing a GREAT property online, only to arrive and see what looks like a completely different, depressing slum apartment. i would say i had this experience with 9 out of 10 apartments i saw for 6 months, until i got to rental girl. on their site i could tell immediately which place i would love and which i would hate- which saved me days and days of pointless visits.

i also loved the "location" tab- i could see immediately where the property was, instead of going to look up the location in google maps myself (if an address was even listed on other sites- a lot of times they aren't).

i was out of town when i applied for the apartment we live in now- my boyfriend saw it and thought it would be best for me to look at it to give my opinion, but i knew just from looking at the site that it was the one i wanted. didnt even have to see it in person and i was ready to sign the dotted line.

she was great and i got the feeling that this girl is going places. same with the company. their staff is run like their site- everything in its place; super professional and efficient.

thanks to katie and the rental girl, we have a kick-ass venice beach apartment at a great price. i highly, highly recommend this service- and it's free."
—Chelsea K.
"The Rental Girl helped us find a dream place on the beach in Marina del Rey. I moved over from the UK a year or so ago and needed a place to live. Despite my company providing a relocation firm to take care of everything it was actually this company that delivered on my requirements not the 'official' relo company.

Working diligently throughout the process, The Rental Girl worked hard to ensure both her clients - the landlord and me - were looked after, a difficult juggling act executed perfectly. One year in and I'm happy in the home and our landlord, I believe, is happy with his tenants.

I am not a regular reviewer on here so please forgive the ringing endorsement if that is not the done thing. Anyone looking to find a rental place in and around the LA area will be well served by The Rental Girl although they will have to follow a meticulous process when filling out forms and the relevant paperwork.

My one constructive criticism would be for the firm to invest in a bit of technology, it was frustrating having to run paperwork around the place because of no fax machine and an initial reluctance to accept online confirmations (my partner was living abroad at the time and it slowed things down) but in the end things worked out fine."
—Stephen B.
"Hi I really recommend The Rental Girl when you are looking for your place!
I have my place from them.
She was so sweet and professional.
I felt very comfortable with them!!!
Thank you The Rental Girl!

xoxoxo keiko"
—Keiko M.
"The Rental Girl was very nice and much help to get us a nice apartment in west LA with a great view. We had such a short of time to find a new apartment at that time, however, everything was going smoothly because she exactly knew what to do. The most I like using The Rental Girls is 'No exaggerating about the pictures of the place'. I saw the pictures of the place before I contacted her. The place was exactly the same as one that I saw through their website. You can pretty much count on the pictures before you decide to contact The Rental Girl."
—Winnie S.
"The Rental Girl helped me find my dream place, she was very helpful and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend working with her to either rent your place or help find you a happy home!"
—Ethan W.
"We had a positive experience dealing with The Rental Girl. She handled the entire process professionally and quickly."
—Fabrizio M.
"Looking to rent or have your place shown to renters? You'll be glad you used 'The Rental Girl.' She made the whole process stress-free! She offers the whole package - great smile, pro attitude and is responsible! She showed us the home more than once and was patient with my picture taking. ALL of our references were called and no detail was overlooked. This is a trustworthy company! Her future is so bright, she gotta wear shades."
—Charissa N.
"We'd been looking for about 4 months in preparation for our move to Los Angeles, craigslist, WestSideRentals, 4RentinLA, HotIgloos, you name it. But ultimately, as we narrowed down our neighborhood choices, it was the properties that were listed by The Rental Girl (that we also saw in those other places) that we gravitated towards. They have a discriminating eye and a fantastic way of describing and photographing the properties that really helped put us there.

After a great deal of searching online from Chicago, my wife came back upon The Rental Girl's listing and said, "The coverage on this apartment is so good, I'd take it sight unseen." Which is what we ended up doing. he Rental Girl made the process extremely smooth and stayed in constant contact through our process.

This morning we signed the lease and she took us on a full walk-through inspection of the apartment, making notations of everything that was either remaining to be repaired or satisfactory. In my years of renting, while I've done that myself, I've never been accompanied by the rental agent to make certain we were all on the same page.

She was super professional, great to deal with and we highly recommend her."
—Kiff V.
"First of all, love the website. Super clean and very user-friendly. I also love the selection of rentals. All good quality and different from the cookie cutter apartments out here in LA. I worked with The Rental Girl and she was great! Always on time and easy to get a hold of. The whole process was painless and efficient!

All in all, great experience. I would say go here if you want a different, more personalized experience and a unique apartment selection."
—Theo Y.
"I had an amazing experience with The Rental Girl. She was incredibly professional, always on time and very organized. Within one week of seeing the apartment for the first time, the lease was signed and I had the keys in hand.
Throughout the entire process, she was very thorough and responsive. I would absolutely recommend The Rental Girl to anyone looking for a new place.
Oh, and their website is very user friendly with great photos. They also had listings that I didn't find elsewhere (i.e. Craigslist)."
—Grace I.
"I was desperate to find a great place on the westside in Santa Monica. I came across a listing on site and contacted The Rental Girl.

She was super professional and fun to work with. She had a great sense of humor and was very receptive to my many questions. I saw the place within 24 hours of my first contact with her, and within 2 days all was done, I had been approved. Her professionalism and helpfulness was a breath of fresh air during a very stressful time for me.

Thanks The Rental Girl, and I hope your business grows and grows!!"
—David P.
"Rental Girl has been fantastic. We had the hardest time finding a place in Encino in our price range. Julie Serber spent several days touring us around town. She was great at negotiating our lease and we love our place."
—Elizabeth G.
"Julie was by far the best agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Julie took the time to really understand what I needed in a house. The application process, the communications and the upfront information regarding not only the house, but the neighborhood, landlord, neighbors all helped me make an informed decision moving into a new home. I am very impressed with her personal - professionalism and have already and will continue to recommend her & The Rental Girl to all my friends and family."
—Jonna J.
"I can't say enough good things about The Rental Girl. When I made the decision to move to LA, I was living in Europe and had limited time to find my new home. As I was geographically challenged, I reached out to a number of local agencies, to find someone to help with my search. Julie Serber responded with such positive energy and a definite plan, I knew I had found the right place. Julie worked with me to narrow down our preferences and set a plan in place. Before I knew it we had a week of viewings scheduled and I was on a flight to LA. We covered a number of areas and apartments (you never know til you see it in person!) and Julie was very patient with me as I questioned all aspects of every potential new home. Let's just say I am 'picky'! Julie encouraged me to put together my portfolio, which gave me the edge above other applicants. Within a week I found my new home. Julie worked directly with the landlord on my behalf, until the lease was signed and I had my new address. I would recommend The Rental Girl to anyone! I hope I don't have to move again in the near future, but if I do, Julie will be hearing from me again. Thank you TRG!"
—Tracy F.
"Finding a good property is relatively easy. Finding a great one in the right price range is relatively difficult. Finding a great agent to help you find a great property is almost impossible. I was lucky enough in my search to come across The Rental Girl site, and had the pleasure of working with Julie. My rating is VERY heavily focused on working with her (although the agency is great as well).

The guest house I was looking it was absolutely as advertised, but more importantly, Julie paid attention to little details which made it that much more special to work with her! She helped me better get a feel for the owner of the house, as well as walked me through little extra details about the property. More importantly, she made going through the rental process incredibly simple. I've done this before, as I imagine most of us have, but her personal touch is far different than working with the individuals I typically come across. She's meant to be in this business, and she definitely meant to help you find your next place!"
—Daryl W.
"When we started the search for the perfect house, we were totally overwhelmed. Julie Serber first took the time to really understand what we were looking for and what attributes were most important to us before gently leading us through the process of creating a fantastic cover letter, application, and portfolio so that when we did find that perfect house, we were the exceptionally prepared tenants that any landlord would want to rent to.

We were very picky, but Julie's patience and enthusiasm helped us through what could have been a stressful process. We thought we found our new home, shortly after our search began. Julie helped negotiate and arrange the whole deal but the property's permitting turned out to be an issue. She communicated effectively with the landlord and his agent and negotiated us out of the deal so that we were not at a loss during the time we had awaited for the issues to be resolved. She knew what questions to ask and tactfully and diplomatically resolved the situation.

Thereafter, her enthusiasm did not diminish and she did lead us to our delightful little cottage that we now call home. I love where we come home to and I loved the process of finding it, mostly because of Julie. She helped me maintain a calm and answered my myriad of questions in a prompt and timely manner. When we prepare to buy a house, she's the first person I'm going to call. If I could give her 20 stars, I would."
—Juliette R.
"My husband and I just found an amazing home thanks to Julie! Her knowledge of the west side and her friendly demeanor made finding a new place to live (which can be a super stressful experience especially in LA) seem easy and fun. I highly recommend both rental girl and Julie and plan on utilizing them anytime I need rental help in LA!"
—Lucia O.
"My husband and I worked with Julie to find our new place on the westside. She was terrific - responsive, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She stayed in touch throughout the entire process and was happy to answer any of our questions by email, phone or text. Up until we signed the lease Julie served as our main point of contact with the couple that own the condo. This did not hinder the process at all.

TRG is a great service in general - the site is easy to navigate, the properties are all very nice and the application process was not burdensome. We would use TRG again and highly recommend working with Julie."
—S. M.
"The Rental Girls' are the bomb and our agent Julie is beyond fantastic. She was very helpful and became an advocate for the match between us and the condo owner we are now renting from.

Julie is super easy to reach via phone, email or text and I also appreciated that nearly everything was done digitally, including our rental contract. Just makes the whole process easier.

Their properties aren't always the cheapest available, but they are curated which means they are great places to live and The Rental Girls provide a rental experience that's smoother than any other in LA."
—Gabriel R.
"I just moved to Los Angeles from Chicago. I rented an apartment through Robyn and Julie at The Rental Girl on a friend's recommendation. Normally, I would not rent an apartment sight unseen, but I had to due to time constraints. The apartment and building turned out to be wonderful and exactly as pictured and described. Robyn and Julie made the lease and inspection process clear and easy. I highly recommend using The Rental Girl!"
—Alison G.
"Last October, my boyfriend and I found an amazing condo in Valley Village on Craigslist. We worked with Julie at The Rental Girl to set up a viewing and learn more about the place. She was super helpful and accommodating, and very quick to answer phone calls and emails. She took care of all of the paperwork for us and made it an effortless process between us and our landlord. She worked with us from start to finish, including the lease signing. We would definitely recommend her and The Rental Girl to friends in the area!"
—Kimberly B.
"My boyfriend and I had a really great experience working with Julie. We are so grateful for all her help in finding our lovely new home in Studio City. She was extremely professional and responsive throughout the whole process. I highly recommend working with her when searching for a new home. Thanks Julie!"
—L. R.
"This is a long overdue review, but better late than never.

My wife and I responded to a listing from their website in Studio City. Julie responded and set up a viewing in a very timely manner and was great during the showing, answering any questions and helping find out info if she didn't have the immediate answer.

While applying she was always available to respond to our requests for updates from the landlords, as well as reaching out to us and give updates.

It was a painless process and everyone we dealt with seemed very accommodating and professional in helping us lock down our new place.

Thanks you, again!"
—Matt S.
"Julie was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire application to move-in process.I would recommend The Rental Girl to anyone!"
—Trey B.


"Missy was a wonderful rental agent and a pleasure to work with. She always kept us informed and up to date. She was always very nice. She was straight forward and helped us in every way possible. Thank you Missy and thank you rental girl!"
— Robby G.


"My experience with Missy at The Rental Girl was phenomenal!

My husband and I were moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, and were pretty worried about finding a place we liked. We were tired of paying the high prices in the area and wanted something cute and affordable and after searching all over the place, I stumbled upon The Rental Girl thanks to craigslist!

I promptly told my husband that this was the site we would use for apartment hunting (a bunch of awesome ladies taking the LA real estate by storm? yes please!) and found one we loved that day and I was quickly in contact. Missy was fast to respond and such a breeze to work with. We met her at a small open house at the apartment and we fell in love and I always felt Missy was on my side, willing to help me achieve what I wanted. She was flexible and always in communication.

Thanks to her, we got the apartment! We absolutely love it and wish we could just work with Missy all the time on many other things. She made our move less stressful, she was always friendly and punctual and kind and professional, she is the IDEAL person to have handle big life changes and I'm so glad I found her/The Rental Girl. Even now, after moving into the apartment, she's checked in with me to make sure everything is going well.

If I ever need to rent again or even buy, I will always go to Missy first!"
— Ashley S.


"From start to finish Robyn made the house hunting process absolutely painless. She was attentive, informative and prompt. Her willingness to communicate via text was a huge bonus as I maintain long work hours. Her knowledge of the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles dually lends itself to native Angelinos as well as relocaters. She made every effort to accommodate our preferences and schedules. Her professionalism and customer service were refreshing and greatly appreciated. I reccomend her without reservation."
— Anna R.


"Missy has been very helpful so far and made viewing the property we desire possible on two occasions."
— Jordan W.


"Alexis was incredibly accommodating, helping communicate with the current tenants of our dream home for a viewing asap. She knew everything about the property, was a pleasure to talk to, and was always available afterwards for any questions we had about the property, the neighbors, and the application. Keep her around!"
— Jesse s.