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Danielle Carter
BRE License #: 02001688


Long Beach & South Bay

TRG Realty Company & The Rental Girl is one of the most top reviewed real estate agencies in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on providing highly personable and quality service. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and look forward to your positive review!

"After weeks of searching and failing to find a nice and safe apartment in the very competitive Long Beach area, we came across The Rental Girl listings. We contacted her about a viewing and she was so very helpful and responsive. We immediately fell in love with the place and The Rental Girl was there every step of the way to guide us through the process with quick answers to any questions and concerns. She even went out of her way to provide us with tips on how to seal the deal with the landlord and stand out from other applicants.

I definitely plan on working with The Rental Girl again when it comes to either a new rental or owning a home. You will not regret going through them!

Thank you so very much!"
—Katie M.
"I moved from San Francisco for a job in Long Beach and The Rental Girl was awesome to work with. From the very beginning, she was responsive, helpful, and very sweet. My roommate and I were lucky to be the first ones to submit applications for great condo near the Traffic Circle and as promised, The Rental Girl worked on the approval process that same day and finished it within 24 hours. She was organized and kept us updated throughout the whole process, which eliminated the guessing game that I've usually experienced. We applied on a Wednesday, signed the lease that Friday, and moved in the next Wednesday -- so easy!

During our move-in walk-through, she helped us record any and all existing damages and provided organized packets for my roommate and me that included our lease, the utilities companies we needed to call, and all the necessary contact info.

I loved working with The Rental Girl, and would absolutely recommend working with them if you're looking for a place in SoCal."
—Faye E.
"The Rental Girls are magnificent!

Recently rented a beautiful new home in the South Bay and was immediately drawn to the well-published and smartly marketing unit by The Rental Girl. The company, their website, the professional manner in which they present themselves was unique. They easily stood out even the in the hyper-competitive and creative market of LA! And they do so by brilliantly leveraging every opportunity in the fast-changing world of tech and social media.

The Rental Girls are interested in representing customers with a sense of superior, yet sincere, customer service. That's a hard line to walk these days. But The Rental Girl does it with professionalism, charm, and pizzazz.

Without a doubt, buying or selling homes, landlords looking to list property, or renters searching for a home, I can tell you I will never again look further than The Rental Girl for support. And neither should you.

Thank you. You are a true diamond in the real estate rough!"
—Jeff E.
"We moved from Portland, and landed in a starter apartment for the first year. But we knew two things; we wanted to be able to see the sunset from the new place, and we needed a patio/balcony. Check and CHECK.

Enter The Rental Girl

There was a cute little house overlooking the water at the top of Hermosa Beach. My wife and I could not pull the trigger fast enough. It was The Rental Girl's property to market, and I think she probably had it in her portfolio five minutes before I started knocking on the door. She was so responsive and helpful through the whole process, could not have asked for more. She set up a meeting with me to go through the house, as well as meeting the owner - who was awesome, and did it all within about 5 days, start-to-finish.

If you're in South Bay, she's your girl. Today we're really happy, and are out back watching sunsets regularly :)

Thank you The Rental Girl!"
—Mark A.
"I worked with The Rental Girl in the South Bay. She was amazing and really helpful. Their website and 360 views of the apartment are really useful and informative. They are extremely thorough with the background checks, so I guess that is reassuring for any prospective landlords who use them. Overall, it is the best rental experience I have had so far and I am very excited to move into my new place!"
—Matthew M.
"Hands down, The Rental Girl is more than who we could have ever asked for in our stressful journey of finding a new home. I have rented 5 properties in the last 3 years and have a good idea of what being taken advantage of looks like in the world of renting privately.

But this is NOT the case with The Rental Girl. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with her professionalism, honesty, and most importantly, trustworthiness. From the first interaction to the signing of the lease (and afterwards), she made me and my boyfriend feel like our interests and the criteria of what we envisioned our new home would look (and cost) were addressed and valued as her top priority.

Renting privately is a stressful (and often disappointing) process. Out of all the realtors I have worked with, thank GOODNESS for The Rental Girls and their resources. You can even find on their website tutorials and helpful info, which for me proved to be the key to securing our new home.

I'm sure we would much rather work with people who make us feel like valued applicants and future tenants, and so I would definitely recommend any one of The Rental Girls to anyone who's looking to rent a beautiful and beautifully priced property.

Thank you! You were such a joy to talk to and work with, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us secure our new home, especially after 6 months of painful searching!"
—Erica L.
"My boyfriend and I were in the market for a new apartment earlier this year. We had to be out of our old spot by May 5. We had terrible luck finding a place we liked, or even getting in contact with someone to show us a property at all. The last week of April we found a listing through The Rental Girl for a condo in Long Beach. We followed up with the listing and were immediately in touch with our rental girl!.

The Rental Girl was so friendly, helpful and AVAILABLE! Which seemed to be an uncommon trend in our previous apartment searching. Within a matter of days, we were able to see the unit, put in our application, got approved and we were moved in by May 1st. She was so sweet, easy to contact via phone, email and text, and she really helped prepare us with suggestions to make sure we were chosen for the unit, as we were not the only candidates.

All the paperwork and lease signing was done electronically which was very helpful with our busy lives and our quick, sudden move. We were able to do it quick from home, as opposed to having to take the time to meet to sign paperwork. Also, she assisted us with a thorough walk through prior to our move in to ensure we were protected, which I thought was great. She also conducted all communication to the owner on our behalf regarding all of our concerns and requests prior to move in.

5 stars for The Rental Girl. If we are ever in the rental market again, without a doubt I will go through The Rental Girl again, and would absolutely recommend to a friend."
—Jennifer K.
"I have worked with TRG twice now, and she was great!! Both times I worked with her the process was very fast and easy. She worked around my very busy and hectic schedule and was very understanding if something came up or if I had to change the meeting times. Both times we had great communication through texts and email, which is the way I prefer since I am always working. She notified me at her open houses of properties that were going to be coming available and advised me to keep an eye on the website (that is how I found my current place, which is amazing!!)
TRG has a great website, you can easily pick the area you are interested in and the page gets updated almost instantly. The most recent place I rented stated the open house dates but also informed that there was an approved applicant, after I signed the lease the place was deleted from the page within 2 hours. I know this because I was trying to show my sister the apartment after I got approved but the place was already off the page. Not only is the website upated frequently, but they provide many pictures of the property and even a video which is always very helpful.

For this service to be free I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is shopping around for their next home. As for the comments about the fees for application process, I never paid my fee until she looked over the information to make sure I was good to go, once I had everything I needed I paid the $30 fee.
All in all, I had a great experience both times with The Rental Girl and I would recommend The Rental Girl to anyone who is looking for a place! :)"
—Faith H.
"My boyfriend and I just rented our first apartment with The Rental Girl. She was great to work with as she was friendly, professional and prompt with communicating with us. Texts and calls were answered almost immediately. We even had a few bumps in the process but she didn't give up on us nor treat us any different because of the inconvenience. We really appreciated her patience.

Do yourselves a favor and follow the advice of the video they provide on their website on how to submit the perfect application to stand out from the crowd. It paid off because it made the process very fast. We applied on a Saturday night and had the keys and signed a lease by Wednesday.

The Rental Girl works with landlords to find the ideal tenants for them.

We had a great experience with her and will go back to her when we are ready to move again.


Dennis, Sarah, Rocky and Dolly"
—Sarah M.
"If you are looking for a place in the South Bay area, The Rental Girl is your girl. Before The Rental Girl, we tried other rental companies and we got scammed at least twice. Then we saw the the rental girl site and contacted them. She was very nice and responded to our txt, emails and calls right away, she really went over and above and beyond our expectations. The first property that we saw did not work out, then we found a house in hermosa on her listings which is perfect because we have a small dog, then we noticed that on the listing it said no pets. I still contacted her to let her know that we are interested on the house. She immediately contacted the owner of the house and she made it happen. She talked him into having us lease the house with our dog. You can find a great leasing agent, but its hard to find a great leasing agent thats also a nice person. Thank you The Rental Girl, we love our new place in Hermosa :)"
—Vanessa W.
"We were moving back from the east coast, and had to secure a place before we made it back to LA. We could have never done it without the help of The Rental Girl! She was responsive, prompt and a pleasure to work with! She was always professional and willing to address any concerns that came about. We found the perfect apartment with her help..the lease was all signed electrically, and when we arrived back in LA, she was waiting for us with a key to the door!
Thank you Rental Girl!!!"
—Jeanine and John O.
"My roommate and I worked with The Rental Girl when we stumbled upon one of her Hermosa Beach listings. I have never had such a painless experience when it comes to applying for an apartment. She was very nice, helpful, and professional, but what was even better...she was FAST! She was available via text message or email, she was always prompt to respond to our questions with thorough answers. I went from not having an apartment to signing a lease in 4 days, maybe even less! Another thing that was helpful with The Rental Girl was their virtual tours on their website. My roommate wasn't able to come see the apartment because of work so she viewed the apartment online so she felt comfortable moving forward with the application process. We LOVE our new apartment and couldn't be happier with the service we received. Highly recommend The Rental Girl's services...and will use them in the future if we ever leave our apartment (but that won't be any time soon :) )!"
—Diana E.
"I worked with The Rental Girl and she was so amazing. This is the first big move I ever made and everything was quick, to the point, and easy to understand. She went through the whole contract to ensure everything was clear, the whole process literally took less than a week before we knew it my boyfriend and I were in a beautiful apt. And she was always catered to our schedules and was very flexible about the times we could meet to go over the details of the move (credit check, paperwork, etc...) If we ever move again this will be the place to go to for sure."
—Cynthia E.
"I don't always "write reviews," but when I do... It's because it's absolutely necessary. Hence, is the case of "The Rental Girls." Simply, she rocked the socks off of how renting an apartment should be.
After recently relocating to LA, I quickly found out the hard way how "bonkers" finding a decent apartment is in this fine city. I must have seen more than 25 places, and more if you count the "drive-bys." I utilized basically every resource available: Padmapper, Hotpads, Westside Rentals.... you name it, throw in the kitchen sink, and I was using it. The apartments I did deem a possibility had agents/landlords that either, wouldn't answer, not show, or would flat-out lie about the situation of the complex. But, oh nay-nay, The Rental Girl was the exact opposite. Not only did she show me a great place, she also went to bat for me (regarding a poor credit situation) and landed me a place within 24-hours! One sec, let me say that again, "basically a day!" Because of her I now am a proud and happy renter of a place that is exactly perfect.
Brass tax, I will most definitely use "The Rental Girls" again, and more importantly, if I'm ever in the neighborhood of relocating to another place in the Manhattan, Redondo, or the Hermosa beach area - than, she's my go-to.
Thanks for everything!"
—Andrew K.
"The Rental Girl is very professional. She's great and efficient. I'd recommend her service if you need assistant in finding tenants. Great job!"
—Pratana C.
"I saw an ad for The Rental Girl and got in touch with them. Unlike other places I had contacted, where I waited and waited forever to have someone let me know if their apartment was still available, The Rental Girl got back to me quickly that time, and EVERY time thereafter, when we needed to communicate. I was living temporarily with an old friend and instead of being a fun or even OK experience, it turned into the nightmare from hell, so I was frantic to find a place..and FAST!

The Rental Girl met me quickly after we first hooked up online and because she's so up on all the technology that makes renting so easy these days, I didn't have a pile of papers to carry around. Everything from start to finish was able to be done online, right down to the final lease signing. She was prompt for the meetings we scheduled and although I was lucky not to have issues with my apartment, I felt certain that if there was a problem, that The Rental Girl would move heaven and earth to get it resolved for her new "tenant." Although The Rental Girls are hired by owners who want to get their properties rented, I found that she was every bit as diligent and loyal to me, a prospective tenant, as she must be to the owner who hires her. A win win for all!

She was friendly, professional and thorough and I would use her again in a minute should the need arise. Tell your friends about Rental Girls...a cool new way to hook up to a new place to live."
—Lucy B.
"I just recently got an apartment with The Rental Girl, she was extremely helpful and even went as far as helping me find places in the are such as gyms, store metro, etc, and that was all after I had already signed the lease!"
—Stephen G.
"I've recently used The Rental Girl and found a 2 bedroom and 2 bath in South Bay area and contacted her for more info. From the start, she provided all the info needed to get started with the application process. She was super friendly, on time, responsive and she made the process fast and smooth! I checked out the property on a Friday and signed and received the keys Thursday the following week. She's amazing and I would recommend The Rental Girl to anyone who is looking to move!"
—Yean P.
"My boyfriend and I were moving from NYC to LA and, needless to say, trying to trust craigslist ads from across the country was an intimidating venture. I came across a listing one day on CL that seemed to fit all the criteria I was looking for..the rep for this listing was The Rental Girl.

Almost immediately after emailing her a plethora of questions, she responded within 30 minutes and was very understanding of our relatively unusual situation. She was very patient, even as I bombarded her with questions. I confided that I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that I could not see the place in person. She offered to go over to the place herself and take more pictures and also a video of the unit and its surroundings. We had that the very next day. She also suggested that we ask a local friend to go look at the unit for us. I never felt pressured into submitting an application. But we eventually did, and we couldn't be happier. The Rental Girl made the process so simple and easy, and she was incredibly sweet and professional. She offered us advice on the neighborhood and put us in touch with our landlord's friend who had furniture to sell. All in all, it was a great experience! I can't speak for any of the other rental girls, but I'd recommend The Rental Girl to anyone who's looking for an apartment in South Bay."
—Michelle M.
"When we were looking for a place to rent, The Rental Girl was awesome. She was very professional, always helpful and made the process from start to finish a breeze. From the time we took a first look at the place to when we got the key, she was awesome.
We would definitely use The Rental Girl service again.
—Shane M.
"I was looking for a rental in the Southbay and came across a rental on Westside Rentals that I added to my clipboard. The Rental Girl was prompt to contact me and ask if I had any questions and see if I wanted to set up an appointment to check out the place. She was very flexible and cooperative throughout the whole application, lease signing, and inspection process. I am a big fan of almost all of the paperwork being electronic and it was so helpful that she sent out all of the inspection pictures for my records as well. The Rental Girl website is very easy to navigate and has a comprehensive package of pictures, maps, and general info for all of the properties. I had a very pleasant experience with her and would recommend The Rental Girl to anyone looking at a place in the Southbay."
—Lisa H.
"I simply cannot put into words how wonderful my experience with this company has been. The Rental Girl personally helped me get into my dream loft. There were a few, ahem, complications I had and she more than worked with me, she is the reason I got the loft!!! The entire process was handled so professionally I would definitely work with The Rental Girl in the future and highly recommend to anyone moving to the South Bay to look this company up. I told The Rental Girl she would have to expand past her coverage area if I were ever to move elsewhere. I give The Rental Girl a huge two thumbs UP!!!!"
—Jeanna K.
"I was relocating from Portland, OR to the South Bay area for a new job, so I had a deadline for finding a place to live before that job started. I found TRG just by chance online, and the fact that they had reps handling each specific region was very appealing. South Bay was where I needed to find a place, so this was perfect.

I worked with The Rental Girl, and I couldn't have been happier with her. As you can imagine, relocating state-to-state and trying to find a place to live without actually being there is pretty hectic, but she made it super easy. She was very helpful with everything, quick to respond whether it was 7 in the morning or 7 at night, and extremely flexible. Exactly what I needed.

I looked around and applied for apartments with other rental companies as well, but every single one of those just created hassle and headache. The Rental Girl, throughout the whole process, was very easy to work with and made my life really easy.

We found a place, applied, and signed the lease all in a couple days. We were even able to sign the lease online, which was perfect for me as I was not even in the same state when we did this.

Of all the things I was worried about with this move, finding a place became the least of my worries, and all thanks to TRG. I couldn't thank her enough.

If you're moving to the South Bay area (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Long Beach), you HAVE to stop by The Rental Girl page and check out the listings. She'll make your move easy."
—Kevin R.
"My fiance and I moved from Michigan to Los Angeles and spent weeks staying in nightmare AirBnbs. We had no idea how hard it would be to find a place that would rent to us being young professionals in our twenties with a dog. We applied to a place through another realtor who basically scammed us out of our money and didn't plan on telling us we didn't get the place. I contacted Danielle Carter about a place listed on their website and she was very upfront that we were the second applicants but she would ask the landlord to consider our application if we got everything in quickly. Unfortunately, we didn't get the place but with days running out on our AirBnb and not sure what we were going to do she offered to do an additional search and found us SEVEN options within our budget and desired location. We were thrilled and gave her our top few choices. In under two days she landed us a new place and we just moved in this weekend. Danielle made me feel like I was her only priority (which I KNOW she must've had a million other things going on) and for that I am extremely grateful. She really did not have to go above and beyond and help us but she did and now I write this review from our new pet-friendly place. I know if we need to move again (which hopefully won't be for a while!), Danielle will be the first person I call."
—Julia L.
"Danielle of Rental Girl helped my wife and me get into a lovely apartment in Long Beach. Here's the thing about Danielle: she just *gets* it. She's straightforward--tells you what you need to know, keeps it simple, guides you through the process (getting into a new apartment can be a hell of a process), and she's honest with you about the unflattering aspects of the property. Those are all the things I want out of someone in the real estate business. Recommend completely."
—Nathan S.
"We worked with Danielle of The Rental Girl to get a charming apartment in Long Beach. I'm the sort of person who knows what she wants immediately, and when I saw this apartment I could already envision where the couch would go, and exactly what plants I'd hang in the kitchen. So it meant so much to us that Danielle worked so hard to get us in this apartment. She was quick and responsive, and if you've moved as many times as we have you know there is a long list of boxes that need to be checked off before the keys are handed over--Danielle worked night and day (literally night and day--a couple times I sent her an email late at night to work out an issue, and received a response a few minutes later) to help us through all steps of the process. Let's put it this way: Danielle Carter at Rental Girl will be my first call if I ever decide to move again."
—Stephanie S.


"Missy was a wonderful rental agent and a pleasure to work with. She always kept us informed and up to date. She was always very nice. She was straight forward and helped us in every way possible. Thank you Missy and thank you rental girl!"
— Robby G.


"My experience with Missy at The Rental Girl was phenomenal!

My husband and I were moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, and were pretty worried about finding a place we liked. We were tired of paying the high prices in the area and wanted something cute and affordable and after searching all over the place, I stumbled upon The Rental Girl thanks to craigslist!

I promptly told my husband that this was the site we would use for apartment hunting (a bunch of awesome ladies taking the LA real estate by storm? yes please!) and found one we loved that day and I was quickly in contact. Missy was fast to respond and such a breeze to work with. We met her at a small open house at the apartment and we fell in love and I always felt Missy was on my side, willing to help me achieve what I wanted. She was flexible and always in communication.

Thanks to her, we got the apartment! We absolutely love it and wish we could just work with Missy all the time on many other things. She made our move less stressful, she was always friendly and punctual and kind and professional, she is the IDEAL person to have handle big life changes and I'm so glad I found her/The Rental Girl. Even now, after moving into the apartment, she's checked in with me to make sure everything is going well.

If I ever need to rent again or even buy, I will always go to Missy first!"
— Ashley S.


"From start to finish Robyn made the house hunting process absolutely painless. She was attentive, informative and prompt. Her willingness to communicate via text was a huge bonus as I maintain long work hours. Her knowledge of the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles dually lends itself to native Angelinos as well as relocaters. She made every effort to accommodate our preferences and schedules. Her professionalism and customer service were refreshing and greatly appreciated. I reccomend her without reservation."
— Anna R.


"Missy has been very helpful so far and made viewing the property we desire possible on two occasions."
— Jordan W.


"Alexis was incredibly accommodating, helping communicate with the current tenants of our dream home for a viewing asap. She knew everything about the property, was a pleasure to talk to, and was always available afterwards for any questions we had about the property, the neighbors, and the application. Keep her around!"
— Jesse s.