Here at The Rental Girl, our agents work closely with landlords and tenants to ensure clear communication so that everyone is on the same page andlord/tenant relationship is positive from day one. However, sometimes this relationship isn’t established and leads to all those rental horror stories we’ve all heard about or experienced personally. While the majority of people understand the renter’s perspective, many of us are not aware of things from the landlord’s side and perhaps that’s part of the problem. Sometimes because of previous bad experiences with past landlords, many renters prepare for the worst and start the relationship off ready for a fight. Most landlords are simply looking for someone to take good care of their property, pay their rent on time and not cause any problems.

We found a list of Top 14 Tips Landlords Wish Their Tenants Knew on BiggerPocketswritten by seasoned landlord and rental property manager Kevin Perk, and thought we’d share a few tips tenants often forget—in hopes of our readers achieving better relationships with their landlords:

1. Please just leave me a message.

If we do not answer your call, do not hang up and call over and over again. There are times we simply cannot take your call. How do you think we are going to feel when we finally answer you after you have called five times in a row? It had better be a matter of life or death.

2. Always try to be polite.

I will, too. Being polite and calm really does go a long way. You would not like it if I left you snarky or angry screaming messages on your voicemail. I know sometimes issues can seem to linger on and on, but we really are doing our best to get things resolved.

3. If you get in a bind, talk to us.

Communication is key! Tell us what is going on. Did you lose your job? Has your roommate gone off the deep end? We have been there before, and we know what it is like. But if you do not talk to us, there is no way we can help you. Please do not put your head in the sand and hope whatever problem you are having will go away. It will not, and things will only get worse.

4. Hide your weed.

Just please do this. It is technically against your lease, and you really never know when there will be an emergency and who will need to access your place.

These things are common courtesy, but in following them and taking into consideration the landlord’s perspective, you’re much more likely to have a smooth and successful rental experience. Respect and communication goes a long way, so work with your landlord not against them, and you and your landlord will be much happier in the long run!

Click here for the original and complete Top 14 Tips Landlords Wish Their Tenants Knew. Original article written by Kevin Perk on BiggerPockets, a social network for real estate investing.

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