How To Make Your Application Stand Out

How To Make Your Application Stand Out

Los Angeles can be a tough city to find a good rental. And often when you do find that perfect rental, there are dozens of other applicants who want it just as badly. That is why it is so important to really impress the landlord upfront by submitting a complete application. You need to stand out from the crowd and make sure you get that perfect rental.

How exactly do you do this?

Keep reading for tips on how to increase your chances of getting your dream place:

1. Submit a complete application – don’t take shortcuts.

2. Be upfront with any issues that may arise in the application process: evictions, credit issues, landlord-tenant frictions, etc. If you are applying through The Rental Girl, talk to us about issues in advance. We can help make your case by gathering all the proper info upfront.

3. Write a quick note to the owner sharing a little about yourself and why you want to live in their property. I know it’s a bit corny, but it works!

4. Be prepared, or at least flexible, to sign a lease that will start immediately (ideally within the next week or so). If the property has multiple applicants the landlord usually accepts the one who is ready to move in now – not the one who still has to give a 30-day notice.

5. You may be tempted to offer a rent below the listed price. But did you know that some people offer more than the listed price? Does it work? Sometimes. If there is already an approved applicant, a property owner will not dishonor the agreement made with the approved applicant (unless that person is not prepared to sign the lease). But if no applicant has been approved, andlord has received multiple qualified applicants, he will consider: who can move in the soonest, who can sign the longest lease, and who is willing to pay the highest rent?

6. Usually the best way to beat the crowd is to be on top of things. Many Internet rental sites offer auto-notifications and will notify you as soon as a listing hits the market. At The Rental Girl, you can sign up to become a VIP member for free. When you get a VIP notification, pay close attention to the ad features, map view, and of course the virtual tour. If you believe the place will be the one for you, arrive at the 1st showing with your complete application! Be on top of it with new listings: be the 1st to see it and the 1st to apply! Be complete in your application and be prepared with funds. Be ready not only to sign the lease, but to sign a lease that will start right away.

And that dream place can be yours!!!

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