Grass-Free and Drought-Friendly Yards

Grass-Free and Drought-Friendly Yards

The grass is not always greener of the other side…especially when the other side doesn’t have enough water to keep the grass green! With California experiencing one of the most drastic droughts in history, people are re-thinking their grassy-green backyards and beginning to switch over to drought-friendly, grass-free lawns.

According to the California Department of Water Resources, “outdoor landscaping is the single largest use of water in the typical California home”, with grass being the main culprit for consuming most of the water. By reducing or eliminating grass from our homes, we can make a significant impact on our state’s water usage and help preserve California’s water supplies.

We have some good news! As of August 15th, the DWP announced $30 million in rebate programs to encourage Californians to toss out their water-guzzling lawns and replace them with drought-friendly turfs. People can receive up to $2 per square foot of turf replaced, getting as much as a $2000 rebate—talk about motivation to get on board! To apply for the program, visit Save Our Water Rebates to get qualified.

Okay so now you know the facts and you’re ready to convert to a grass-free lawn! In need of some inspiration? Turns out Apartment Therapy is on top of design ideas for outside the apartment as well as inside—check out their article “10 Grassless Yards That Will Make You Re-Think Having a Lawn”. The beautiful outdoor spaces they feature make you realize you can have a lush and lusted-after lawn without a single patch of grass. Wow! Here are some examples:


Click here to read the Apartment Therapy article and get the original sources for these awesome grassless yards! Save water, get a rebate, and have a drought-friendly luscious yard!

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