Ask a Rental Agent: L.A. Rental Market is Competitive. How Do I Stand Out Above The Rest?

Ask a Rental Agent: L.A. Rental Market is Competitive. How Do I Stand Out Above The Rest?

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Question: It seems whenever a good rental hits the market, it gets multiple applicants and rents very quickly. I consider myself a qualified renter so why do I keep missing out? Can you give me advice on how to get my application approved?

The Rental GirlThis is such a popular question for us that we made a video tutorial about it. Before you do anything else, I highly suggest you watch this video.

A landlord has a limited amount of legal reasons to qualify a tenant. There is an income verification, rental history review, reference check, and credit score.
An application can only request so much information, and a landlord can only ask for so much supporting documentation. When reviewing your application and your application package, a landlord is not only reviewing these things but he is also reading between the lines. He looks for what you present and what you don’t present or how you present it. He also notes how long it takes you to gather your documents and respond to additional requests. A smart applicant in a competitive market must take this into consideration. Follow the tips in the video for specific details on preparing your application package.

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