Agent Spotlight | Meet our NELA agent, Jimmy!

Agent Spotlight | Meet our NELA agent, Jimmy!

The Rental Girl Presents: Agent Spotlight

The Rental Girl Presents: Agent Spotlight

Say hi to our new Northeast Los Angeles agent, Jimmy! He originally began working at The Rental Girl as the executive assistant to our broker and is now a full-fledged agent! Let’s see what he loves most about his new exciting career ?

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

 I moved here 8 years ago from Sunny Wisconsin! Got ya. I moved from the blistering blizzards to the sweltering summers! And happy to sweat it out here! I love LA and especially the eastside! I’ve been on the eastside for 7 years now and I will never cross back over Vermont Ave. EVER! (Ok, maybe I will.) I love California and it’s the perfect place for me! I got to be some sort of a modern superhero right here in LA: Realtor by day, Drag Queen by night. It’s a full-full time job, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! CARPE the DIEM y’all!

What’s your favorite aspect of being a realtor?

 Getting to meet so many people usually in the midst of an important transition in their life. I love being a Realtor, because the stakes are just high enough, the schedule’s unpredictable, and the people are great! Plus I love being “on the go!” Oh hold up, gotta go…. Bye!

What’s your all-time favorite spot in your territory?

 I love Kitchen Mouse! Every bite I’ve had in that place is a piece of pure yummy heaven. I’m not even vegan but there’s something so irresistible about their Mikey’s Chilaquiles. It makes my heart quiver just writing it.

How would you describe your neighborhood?

  NELA is so unique because it’s a clear feeling you get, but there are actually 7 neighborhoods in this territory! Eagle Rock is the responsible, zenned-out middle child, Highland Park is the fun, hip one in the family, and Mt. Washington is the eldest child who knows it all, but you’re secretly jealous of. NELA has something for everyone. Truly.

If your neighborhood was on a dating app, who would be the perfect match to move into the hood?

They’d need to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades! Just like NELA, we won’t settle for less than “something for everyone.” It’s got food from everywhere, shops from here to there, all the bars on the block, and the nature to share!

Best street for splurging? York or Fig?

I don’t splurge! And I’m a Libra, so I’m very indecisive. That’s why I love NELA – I don’t have to pick and I don’t have to break my wallet having a taste of the what’s good in the ‘hood!

What’s on your LA Bucket List this year?

Go to Catalina Island. Or just talk about going again for a year.  

Fave tacos?

Delia’s Restaurant

Fave cocktail?

Café Birdie

Fave coffee spot?

Civil Coffee

Fave vintage spot?

My closet – everything is at least 7 years old!

Best way to spend a Sunday/day off?

Coffee and the news. No matter where I am. But, you know me, I’m somewhere in NELA.

Best way to get around the neighborhood? 

Walking…. To your car. To drive around. NELA is a bubble, but it has seven neighborhoods, so ya do need some wheels – bike, bus, or car!

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