Meet our Atwater Village, Elysian Valley & Glendale Leasing Agent, Michelle Sackson.

We sat down with Michelle to chat about what she loves most about her neighborhood and working at The Rental Girl.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I was born in NY and grew up in LA. I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively. I’ve been all over France and Italy, spent time in England, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and Mexico, and I had the incredible luck to call Peru home for a bit, the most sacred place on Earth. I have my degree in Fashion Design, owned my own line for a few years, Cirque du Cheval, that sold out at Fred Segal in one weekend! I also worked as a stylist and had the opportunity to get to work with some very inspiring ladies including, Reese Witherspoon, Milla Jovovich and the late great Amy Winehouse. I am also an intuitive and a medium and have used my gift to help people heal through trauma and loss. I live in a gorgeous 1938 French Chateau in Glendale with my lovable cat Abraham Lincoln and a ghost named Abigail.

What’s your favorite aspect of being a realtor?

All the people I get to meet on a daily basis. In the two years I have been doing this job I feel like I’ve made 1,000 new friends between the landlords I work with, the people who come in and out of my open houses, and the fantastic tenants I lease to. This city is filled with so many good hearts and kind souls.

What’s your all-time favorite spot in your territory?

I seem to spend the most time at Rise Hot Yoga, I can’t get enough hot yoga. I swear all that sweating keeps me germ free during flu season and keeps my head clear, calm and focused when anxiety and stress kick in. I am eternally grateful to Rise Hot Yoga studio.

How would you describe your neighborhood?

Atwater Village is cozy with a dash of creative eccentricity. Frogtown is the new kid on the block of ultra chic hidden gems. Glendale has the friendliest neighbors you’ll ever dream of living next to, and Pasadena is humble luxury with a thriving nightlife.

If your neighborhood was on a dating app, who would be the perfect match to move into the hood?

Friendly human!

How long have you lived in LA? And what’s one thing that surprised you about the city this month?

I grew up in LA, nothing surprises me anymore!

What’s on your LA Bucket List this year?

More of a So-Cal bucket list to go camping, it’s been a few years and its time to get back to it. As Jacob, our founder’s brother/assistant, would say…the mountains are calling!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone interested in applying to a property you’re leasing?

Be thorough when turning in your application! A thorough application is deeply appreciated and shows your willingness to step up and say YES, this is the home for me! If we have to take the time to chase down all the details such as pay stubs, bank statements, ID and personal references, someone may slide in and take your spot.

What’s the most quintessential LA thing about your neighborhood?


Best cliche activity in your territory?

In Glendale it is for sure shopping. We literally have everything under the sun and more! Cars, clothes, home decor, you name it, you can find it in Glendale!

Best place to grab a drink?

I love All’Acqua in Atwater Village for their curated vino and in Pasadena, the outdoor patio at Sage Bistro with the golden hanging fairy lights, its very pretty and feels like you’re in Paris plus the food is vegan-my fav.

Best place to grab a bite to eat?

Hands down, Momed, on Casitas Ave in Atwater. It is my favorite hidden gem. Even long time residents aren’t familiar with the gloriousness that is Momed so it’s never crowded. Not only can you bring your pup, eat incredible Mediterranean cuisine while watching the trains go by but the cocktails are heaven. I may be partial though because the gifted and friendly bartender rented a house from me!!

Best way to spend a Sunday/day off?

Just a pinch north of Glendale you’ll find the most gorgeous hidden gem, Descanso Gardens. I have a yearly membership and go there when I need to clear my head and get grounded. It’s never crowed and always peaceful plus they have vegan food in the cafe, bonus points! It really is the prettiest gardens in LA and every time I go, it’s guaranteed I’ll see a deer or two.

Which historical landmark within your territory is your favorite? Why?

It’s not a landmark necessarily but I would have to say the massive and gorgeous craftsman and Victorian homes of Pasadena. If you meander aimlessly through the city, you will find your yourself oohing and awing on any given street at the impressively regal architecture of these glorious old homes, many of which have carriage houses bigger than my home and grounds as big as city parks. It’s a sight to see and one that is very particular to Pasadena.

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